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Weekly Most Interesting ICO Digest – 03/09/2018

  • 09.03.2018
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We will consider several projects in today’s digest. Each of them in its own way attracts attention of both potential investors and participants of the cryptocommunity. Most of them have not yet entered the ICO. But there are also those who not only sold all their tokens, but managed to show impressive growth in just a couple of months. Is it worth it investing in a token, which has already grown tenfold? And how promising are the projects that have not yet announced the ICO, but which are filling in the white list of potential investors?

GoNetwork ICO: mobile solution to the problem of slow transactions

Blockchain-experts, investors and ordinary members of the cryptocommunity have no doubts concerning the success of GoNetwork project. There are periodic doubts about the competence of developers specifically in the field of blockchain in some reviews and comments. All right, but, for a minute, these guys won the Ethereum Hackathon! In addition, the CTO post is held by invited blockchain specialist. He “moved” from this position Infinidy’s technical director Huna Chea.

Otherwise, the project calls for optimism. The concept, though new, but quite realizable, solves one of the most pressing problems of the cryptoindustry. The development team is experienced professionals with a number of successfully implemented projects. All the resources of Infinidy are at the disposal of specialists. And ICO will succeed thanks to the already growing excitement in the cryptocommunity. The token will growing on the exchanges in the months after the placement, even if the project does not start in a year.

ICO GoNetwork is one of the most attractive options for investing in the near future.

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DFINITY ICO: A new ecosystem with a «big» product


DFINITY is an ambitious project offering a new, improved blockchain-ecosystem and several interesting products. ICO, not even announced yet, is already doomed to success. Few potential investors will doubt the consistency of the project with a ready prototype and an impressive team of specialists.

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Genesis Vision: ICO succeeded, new goals are waiting

It is impossible to answer unequivocally whether it is worthwhile to invest in a token. GVT has already surpassed the expectations of many experts, demonstrating a serious growth in cryptoexchanges. Now the daily volatility of the token is 10-20% per day. And it is a suitable asset for speculation, rather than for long-term investment.

If the team releases the alpha version of the platform in the near future, and it turns out to be successful, the GVT token awaits for at least one bullish impulse, at which investors have the opportunity to earn a considerable profit. On the other hand, for those who purchased tokens on the ICO, and have not yet sold them, it is sensible to fix part of the profit now, when the asset’s rate approached historical highs. Surely after this, we will have more than one correction, which will enable us to replenish the stock of the token at a lower price.

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EximChain ICO: new level logistics

If you believe the data collected, EximChain is a project that even before the ICO has collected the necessary amount. The likelihood is great that there will be many people willing to buy token after its release on the stock exchange  – from the category of those who missed this opportunity on the ICO. Thus, the rate of the cryptocurrency will grow in the short term, but everything depends on how quickly and efficiently the developers will deliver on the promise. The service has a great potential, as it is imprisoned for a multibillion-dollar transport industry and, if it proves to be in demand, the project’s tokens will grow to a dozen times.

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NuCypher ICO

NuCypher ICO review

NuCypher is another project, quite popular and actual, to ensure a successful ICO before its announcement. The fact that developers are not trying to attract more investment than is required to continue development, causes even more confidence in the project. This, plus the current idea and the availability of already implemented products make ICO NuCypher interesting and promising project and make tokens an asset with the potential for growth in the first days of release on the stock exchange.

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Seele ICO: scam or an annoying misunderstanding?

If it were not for the track of developers in the history of scam by 1.8 million – one could only recommend to potential investors to reserve their places in the white list. Waiting position is the best now: let the developers, at first, release at least a beta version of the platform, and show the real product. After such an unpleasant event, ICO is unlikely to be a success, and this gives all investors the opportunity to follow the developments, without missing a chance to buy tokens at the starting price of the ICO.

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The results

Most projects from our digest are promising startups with an interesting idea that are popular among investors. There is no reason to doubt in the success of GoNetwork and DFINITY. It’s another thing that only users from whitelist will be able to purchase their tokens. We can say the same about EximChain and NuCypher.

Genesis Vision has surpassed the expectations of many experts and has shown impressive growth, but at the moment its GVT tokens are not the best option for investments. On the contrary, positional investors clearly do not prevent from fixing at least 20-30% of the position and, if desired, to accumulate on the drawdown. As for Seele, then it’s better to follow the project sideways with such a “tarnished” reputation. In the end, there will be no shortage of prospective ICOs for investments in the near future, and therefore there is no need to risk excessively.



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