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Taxa Network ICO review

  • 13.07.2018
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Modern developers are actively working to improve decentralized networks, which makes the internal ecosystem more productive and functional. But the question is – are modern blockchains suitable for integration into businesses and various external systems? And the answer is no. Decentralized networks are still unsuitable for widespread use. The Taxa Network (https://taxa.network/) project offers a completely new solution that will make blockchains and decentralized applications more adaptive and easily integrated into various fields.

Taxa Network features

Taxa Network is an intermediate execution environment that will allow you to use all the features of the blockchain without any obstacles. Here are its main features:

  • Performance. High computing power combined with low fees and fast transactions will allow decentralized applications to perform the most complex business tasks.
  • Privacy. The isolation of the technical layer with secure input/output channels ensures the privacy of data that the user wishes to hide from other users and nodes.
  • Reliability. A fault-tolerant consensus algorithm ensures network integrity, transparency, and privacy.
  • Adaptivity. The platform will use an extensive SDK base and a universal environment for interpreters, which will make it easier for developers to work with the platform and make it possible to adapt it to any task without learning new languages and programming environments.

Taxa Network will become a guide to the world of blockchain for businesses in the field of artificial intelligence, FINTECH, analysis and many more.

Taxa Network ICO development team

Project’s blog indicates that there are two co-founders:

  • TF Guo. He became a white hat hacker at the age of 16 and joined the community of blockchain supporters in 2014. TF Guo is a specialist in the field of cryptography and digital security. He was an advisor to Amana Capital and BG Capital, and also created his own community of entrepreneurs Shinect at the Silicon Valley (http://www.shinect.org/). Holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from GWU.
  • Esther Hu. She is a specialist in the field of applied mathematical modeling. Led many projects related to automation of trading strategies, psychological statistics, and risk modeling. Esther received a master’s degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics at Stanford University.

The team is still being formed and the project is at the stage of actively recruiting specialists.

Future plans and Taxa Network ICO

Information on how and when the project will be implemented has not yet been published. And there is no official information about token sale dates but the rumors say that it will happen in August 2018.


It is difficult to assess this project from a technical point of view because it is still at the very early stage of its development. But its concept looks very promising. The possibility of simple and widespread use of blockchain is what modern businesses need. So it makes sense to monitor the development of Taxa Network in the future.



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