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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence ICOs in 2018

  • 29.08.2018
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In this article, we are going to discuss the best Artificial Intelligence ICOs available in the second half of 2018. Blockchain and AI are the foundation of the new high-tech movement. On one side, Blockchain provides a decentralized, transparent and secure method to manage big data. On the other side, Artificial Intelligence is developed to remove human involvement like handwriting algorithms and replace it with smarter coding which can adjust and learn from gathered data. By combining these two powerful technologies, the humanity is pushing the progress beyond what we thought was possible.

This movement is gaining popularity, and nowadays we see Artificial Intelligence ICOs emerging quite often. Let’s check out some of the best AI ICO projects that are active right now.

#1 – IAGON

Iagon ICO IAGON is a new artificial intelligence ICO that is capable of controlling the storage capacity and computing power of numerous devices connected to the blockchain. It stores big data and smaller data sets and executes computing processes that empower machine learning along with artificial intelligence functions. IAGON works as a secure ecosystem that incorporates Artificial Intelligence together with blockchain technology.

To explain better, imagine the IAGON as an ecosystem where people can make money by merely joining an enormous computing grid. The IAGON is an automated ecosystem which offers miners’ computing power and unused storage to customers who need it. The miners have an opportunity to earn AI ICO tokens that can be converted to fiat currency or used to pay for services on IAGON platform. When a customer pays for a service IAGON keeps 10% as commission and miners receive 90% of remaining tokens.

Simply put, the primary aim of IAGON artificial intelligence ICO is to provide a more affordable storage along with computing power.

#2 – Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems ICO One of the main differences between this artificial intelligence AI ICO and the other AI ICO tokens or coins is that the Plaza Systems seeks to offer users a rewarding and less expensive platform that is exactly like the lifestyle they enjoy. The Plaza Systems combines emerging technologies to create a platform that is more liberating, private, rewarding, convenient and secure. This is achieved through user-friendly touch points which include:

  • PlazaMerchants
  • PlazaCard
  • PlazaMobile
  • PlazaConcierge
  • PlazaDesktop

With the current commercial system experiencing a drastic increase in price, the Plaza Systems AI ICO seeks to offer users the opportunity to escape from this outrageous price increase. Plaza Systems, being one of the best artificial intelligence ICOs, aims to provide sellers with the opportunity to stay miles ahead of their competitors. Sellers all over the world can create DApps (decentralized applications) on the PlazaMerchants chain. At the same time, they can tap from the ever-growing Freedom Lifestyle users.

#3 – Ubex

Ubex ICO Ubex happens to be one of the best AI ICOs when it comes to advertising. Generally, the Ubex artificial intelligence AI ICO is an advertising exchange or platform that operates on the principle of neural networks and uses smart contracts along with blockchain technology. Neural network that forms the base of this artificial intelligence ICO is capable of processing website visitor’s data. One of the most amazing things regarding the neural network is that it can evaluate the interest of users, as well as calculate the probability of these users to like a placed advert.

Ubex platform wants to improve confidence in buying digital advertising. This artificial intelligence ICO utilizes smart contracts to guarantee fairness, transparency and lower risks for all parties involved. Ubex platform seeks to offer profound solutions to problems that led the digital advertising world to depreciation in value. To solve them, Ubex has combined the neural network, pragmatic technology and smart contracts along with blockchain.

#4 – INTRO

Intro ICOINTRO is one of the best AI ICOs developed for all real estate market players. It makes use of smart contracts to enable investors to bid on properties and also make payments without an intermediary. Currently, there are about 6800 objects from over 1800 developers, and users can make purchases with up to 30% discount. INTRO is the first project that uses artificial intelligence to gather and process data for off-plan property investment.

The primary goal is to make the real estate industry transparent. As a result, protecting both investors and developers against any form of insecure investment. This platform is coming at a time when there have been reports about how unstable the real estate market is. The INTRO AI ICO coin will be the key currency in this marketplace and will bring together investors, developers and future homeowners worldwide.

#5 – Worldopoly

Worldopoly ICO This artificial intelligence ICO happens to be the first one to merge Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence together with geopositioning to create an amazing multi-player game. On the Worldopoly network, users have the opportunity to build, own as well as trade properties. WPT is the native coin and is used to carry out all activities on the network.

With this blockchain AI ICO, gamers can make real money and can also see their empire grow. This game is impressive and to top it all, the developer made to be as complex as real life. Some of the main benefits and features of this game include:

  • Limitless opportunities thanks to the fusion of AI, VR together with Blockchain
  • Players can win real money
  • Possibility to build clans and community

We discussed some of the best artificial intelligence ICOs, but there are a lot more good AI ICOs out there. Browse through our list of Artificial Intelligence ICO to find more exciting projects with full description and rating scores.



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