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DAV ICO review

  • 20.03.2018
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The DAV (dav.network) project is interesting because even among innovative blockchain projects it is one of the most futuristic. The DAV platform was originally developed as a service for interaction with unmanned vehicles, but then it’s application was expanded. Despite the hype around unmanned trucks and the Tesla’s latest developments, autonomous cars are predicted to take a dominant position (about 85% of all vehicles used) only by 2035.

Now, unmanned vehicles are not so relevant yet , and in most countries they are completely prohibited on public roads is. Will DAV ICO be able to take-off now, and with what, apart from the distant prospects, can the project stand out among other blockchain start-ups?

DAV concept and features

Now DAV is a global blockchain system that unites all unmanned vehicles (including drones and boats), as well as users interested in their use. Even though unmanned vehicle can not be used as a full-fledged taxi at the moment (this is the prospect of the next 10 years), ordering the small cargo delivery by a quadcopter is already quite realistic, and the DAV platform can help in it.

Blockchain allows to control all movements of unmanned vehicles. It allows to identify the user, the goods, the route of delivery. Relationships between all participants will be regulated through smart-contracts, and the DAV token will become an internal payment instrument.

As a result, we get a full service with providers and consumers, which is relevant already. As the unmanned transport will develop, the system will develop alongside it. There is also the EximChain service that is going to make a process of supplying goods from the manufacturer to the buyer more transparent, dicreasing risks through the use smart contracts.

DAV ICO project’s team

On the DAV website, the team’s presentation begins in an original way – with the advisors. This is a fairly clever move, which can be especially effective for beginners ICO-hunters. If the project is supported by the ex-technical director of General Motors Dr. Alan Messer, NASA astronaut Dr. Scott Horowitz, Ethereum leading developers – Dr. Greg Colvin and Nick Johnson – such an ICO is unlikely to be a scam.

However, to confirm such conclusions, it is worthwhile to consider team members themselves, as well as their profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks:

  1. Noam Copel, CEO and Founder. Serial entrepreneur and investor, blockchain-expert. In 2003, he founded Gold Lock, the company that developed the world’s first encryption system for smartphones. The founder of VidPay and Metacafe. Has a developed profile in LinkedIn with more than 500 contacts.
  2. Tal Ater, CTO and Co-Founder. An entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, has been programming since eight years. Ex-director of R&D, vice president of product in Somoto. Developer of a number of open source blockchain applications.
  3. John Fraser, CCO and Co-Founder. Manager and marketer with 20 years of experience, held positions of product manager, marketing director, as well as a strategic consultant in several companies. External Relations lead for the Ethereum Foundation.
  4. Joe Lopardo CMO and Co-Founder. Serial entrepreneur and manager, developed marketing solutions for Google, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP.

All project’s have quite developed profiles on LinkedIn with lots of contacts and confirmations of their skills. There are pages on GitHub and Twitter, as well as Telegram-contacts.

Token Sale details

The open sale of tokens is scheduled for April 2018, the exact date has not been announced yet.

Hardcap is $ 38 million. At the pre-sale stage, $ 11 million were already raised. 40% of tokens total amount will be offered for open sale, the remaining coins will be distributed between the founders and the team, allocated to bounty-program and left in reserve.

Interestingly, 25% of all tokens allocated on bounty program, which is quite a lot. If such a volume will be put up for sale immediately after the release of the token on the exchange (and for bounty-hunters this tactic is most preferable), it can cause a collapse of the course. Therefore, bounty tokens will be paid in increments only 6 and 9 months after the ICO, in order to prevent adverse consequences for the exchange rate.

On the ICO official website, there is very little data on the token and the upcoming sale – in order to get more information, and also to timely obtain the latest news (including the ICO starting date), it is recommended to subscribe to the newsletter.

Summary of DAV ICO

DAV is a “project for the future”, whose success in the long term depends on the industry development pace. An interesting idea and an opportunity to work with quadcopters provided the project with a successful pre-sale for now and, most likely, ICO will also be successful. In the future, the token exchange rate will directly depend on how quickly developers will implement solutions promised in the road map, as well as on how quickly unmanned trucks and taxis will appear on our roads.



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