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nOS ICO review

  • 16.07.2018
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The issue of privacy on the Internet is gradually becoming a sore thumb for the Internet users. Some countries restrict people’s right to freely exchange information at the legislative level. Generally, lawmakers say that these laws are in place to fight organized crime and terrorism.

The World Wide Web used to be considered an island of freedom in the ocean of totalitarianism. But now it has become a place to collect personal information which is later used for profit. According to the developers of nOS, decentralization will help return freedom to the Internet. Despite the fact that the project is still in early development it has already caused a resonance on the Web. Today we will review what the developers are offering us.

Concept and features of nOS

nOS (https://nos.io) developers want to build an operating system on the NEO blockchain (like the NEX project). With its help, users will regain control over the personal data they share surfing the Web on a daily basis. The developers are saying that nOS can be perceived as a set of dApps and a browser, which will become a gateway to access the decentralized Internet of the future. Control over information is achieved through the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

The platform will work with two types of tokens. Applications and smart contracts will use NEO based token called GAS. The conversion from GAS to the nOS ICO coin will be performed automatically if necessary. Token holders will get the right to vote and contribute to the management of the nOS. In addition, investors will receive a reward for supporting the project. It is to be recalled that NEo is one of the most promised cryptocurrencies of 2018.

The developers have already published the MVP on the GitHub website, so you can familiarise yourself with the original version of the platform. They plan to launch a test network in the near future which will provide the possibility to use decentralized applications. The nOS creators are asking dApps developers to contribute to the development of the project. In return, they are offering a place on nOS ICO whitelist in the upcoming nOS ICO sale. This will be beneficial for developers because the platform will promote the best applications and reward their creators.

nOS project team

According to the information on the official website the core of the team consists of five people and one expert Advisor. Let’s have a closer look at them:

  1. Dean van Dugteren – General Director and author of the idea. Lives in the Netherland. Works as the City of Zion developer. In addition to nOS he founded several other projects. His main specialization is the creation of dApps on the NEO platform.
  2. Matt Huggins – Lead Developer, lives in the USA. He also works at the City of Zion. In addition, he works with the Neon Wallet project.
  3. Jeroen Peeters – Developer and Project Management, lives in Belgium. Advises Evance Contributor in the City of Zion. In addition, he is one of the co-founders of NeoBlog.
  4. Maurice Dalderup – Full-stack Developer from Belgium. He works as a blockchain consultant for the Trade Contributor in the City of Zion. Co-founder of NeoBlog.
  5. Fabricio Rosa Marques – Visual Designer from Germany. Professional Illustrator and designer.
  6. Roger Lim – Advisor at nOS. NEO Global Capital Founding Partner. Works as an advisor in other projects.

All members of the team already have a presence in the crypto community and all, except Roger Lim, have a profile on LinkedIn. All project team members have a substantial experience working within blockchain industry.

Future plans on nOS ICO

The team began their work by publishing nOS MVP Client on GitHub in April. This provides confidence to investors. In the near future, we will see the launch of a test network and the release of tokens for the ICO. nOS ICO drops in the Q3 2018. At the moment there is no official information about the nOS ICO price or how to buy nOS ICO tokens.

In Q3 2018 it is planned to launch a Smart Economy Adoption Fund which will aim to improve adoption and development of dApps on nOS. This will help expand the functionality of the platform.

In Q4 2018 the team will initiate Research & Development on Peer-to-Peer Data File Sharing Methods. The results will be used to build a Decentralized Open Internet.

In 2019 the developers plan to release the first version of the nOS client, publish its Smart Contracts on the NEO Mainnet, and launch their own Internet that is called the nOS Open Internet 1.0.


Despite the absence of the White Paper this project already caught the interested of ordinary network users and investors. This indicates that it has a lot of potential and that people are eagerly waiting to see the full release.

Despite the fact that team members are quite young they were able to produce a working prototype and publish MVP at the beginning of the project’s journey. They know the platform that they are basing the nOS on and are helping to develop and improve NEO.

It would be desirable to read additional information in a structured form before giving nOS ICO a rating. At the moment they have a very promising idea and an ambitious team. Ordinary Internet users want to see them finish the project and make an Internet revolution.



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