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EximChain ICO review: new level logistics

  • 06.03.2018
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Business with China is gaining momentum not only in Russia and CIS countries, but throughout the world. In this case, monitoring the supply chain is one of the most important parameters. The EximChain project is designed to compete with VeChain and other analog-based cryptocurrencies. What are the advantages of EximChain, and what are the prospects for the ICO project?

Essence and features of EximChain

EximChain ICO review

What is EximChain ICO (www.eximchain.com) service basically? It will make the process of supplying goods from the manufacturer to the buyer more transparent, eliminating all risks through the use of blockchain and smart contracts. Unlike VeChain, which allows you to control the suppliers and the movement of goods (that is, it aims at logistics), EximChain has a broader functionality, allowing you to create supply projects yourself, attracting participants, organizing joint ventures. And after that – tracking the progress and actions of partners and counterparties.

The project, first of all, focuses on business with China, as the country-producer and supplier of number 1 in the world.

In addition to contact between the buyer and the seller and the delivery of goods, the service can help in finding investment for business and attracting loans. The plan is to implement own SDK-toolkit in EximChain to create its own supply chains.

We should say that quick and no expensive transactions are also important in trade, and there is a project just about this purpose – GoNetwork.

The project team of EximChain ICO

The project team core consists of the graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who, having returned to their homeland in China, decided to create a blockchain-project that will promote the prosperity of their country’s business with the rest of the world:

  1. Hope Liu, Co-Founder & CEO. MBA, worked for UBS in Asia for more than 6 years, an expert in bank transfers and transactions.
  2. Juan Sebastian Huertas, Co-Founder & CTO. B.S. in Computer Science from MIT. He’s been working in IT since 13, he created his own game with built-in cryptocurrency.
  3. Jian Xu, business development director. He worked at IBM for 14 years holding various positions including product manager for a number of projects.
  4. Fransheska Colon, Lead App Developer. Bachelor in software development, worked for OnSIP, developed mobile and web applications.
  5. Ramble Lan, Advisor. CEO of SwftCoin.
  6. Daniel Wang, Advisor. Dir. Investment at Geely Group.
  7. Manmeet Singh, Advisor. Managing Partner of Geely Group.

Prospects of EximChain ICO and further development of the platform

EximChain token

ICO EximChain was scheduled for the first quarter of 2018, but there are no announcements of the open placement of tokens on the official website of the project. There are no references to the ICO and in the project blog on Medium.

According to various sources, the white list of ICO participants was fully formed on January 15, 2018. Which means that it had already been successfully conducted before the official launch. Further, the data differ. It is indicated that the ICO was conducted from January 15 to February 15 on some resources, on others – that it will start on March 15. In any case, the possibility of purchasing tokens at a nominal EximChain ICO price is no longer available for those users who had not attended pre-registration.

In any case, the project team plans to release the SDK and the first version of the platform after placing the tokens and entering the stock exchanges, in the second and third quarter of 2018 so that users will be able to make money with EximChain this year. They will release the second version of the SDK, the second management cycle and the third proof of the logistics management concept by the beginning of 2019.

Summary of EximChain ICO

If you believe the data collected, EximChain is a project that even before the ICO has collected the necessary amount. The likelihood is great that there will be many people willing to buy EximChain ICO token after its release on the stock exchange. From the category of those who missed this opportunity on the ICO. Thus, the rate of the cryptocurrency will grow in the short term. But everything depends on how quickly and efficiently the developers will deliver on the promise. The service has a great potential, as it is imprisoned for a multibillion-dollar transport industry. And, if it proves to be in demand, the project’s tokens will grow to a dozen times. That’s why you better track the EximChain ICO news. Stay tuned!



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