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Seele ICO: scam or an annoying misunderstanding?

  • 06.03.2018
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The Seele project (seele.pro) was positioned as Block 4.0. Despite the fact that most of the Blockchain 3.0 projects are still at the Pre-ICO stage. The team had ambitious plans to create an ecosystem of a new level, with opportunities exceeding all other blockchain projects, combined. In fact, the developers promised to create their own Internet on the blockchain. However, latest Seele ICO news show that the scam worth 1.8 million dollars, in which you can trace the developer’s track clearly, fairly spoils the overall impression of the start-up.

Who stole the money?

Scammers, using the names of the creators of the project, lured about $ 1.8 million from potential investors in Ethereum in early February 2018, on the eve of ICO Seele. In order to arouse the confidence of users, scammers created a fake Telegram-account of Dr. Nick Smith, one of the project managers, and wrote on his behalf.

When they revealed the scam, the real representatives of Seele issued a warning to all other users. And reported that they were busy solving the problem. After that, chief executives of Seele took over part of the responsibility for the incident. He promised, if possible, to compensate deceived investors for the loss.

In general, the situation looks as if someone simply took advantage of the potential of the project. And wanted to “get a piece of the pie” while there is an opportunity. At the same time, the present developers of the project have nothing to do with this. However, there is one nuance: pseudo-Nick Smith sent users to the chat, identical to the real chat support of the project. And the scammer himself used administrative rights in the official group. Such rights can only be obtained from another administrator, that is, a member of the Seele team.

If it were not for this fact, scam, despite the unpleasant consequences for investors, could even make some promotion to project. A mediocre idea would hardly attract such a comprehensive interest and a willingness to invest millions.

Summary of Seele ICO

If it were not for the track of developers in the history of scam by 1.8 million – one could only recommend to potential investors to reserve their places in the white list. Waiting position is the best now. Let the developers, at first, release at least a beta version of the platform, and show the real product. After such an unpleasant event, ICO is unlikely to be a success. And this gives all investors the opportunity to follow the developments. Without missing a chance to buy tokens at the starting Seele ICO price. Remember that if you want to get a profit with crypto you can also try to pick one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in and gain your advantage right there.



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