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  • 07.03.2018
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Would you like to know what is the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018? No surprise. Cryptocurrency is the next big thing right now. The peak reached by many cryptocurrencies in 2017 may be the exact reason for this. The number of available cryptocurrencies has reached 1,384 in January 2018. This number is just enough to confuse any new investor in cryptocurrency. There are also tons of ICOs, the most complete list of which is presented here on the ICO Pulse website in the ICO list catalog. Let us now look at the best among the available ones out there.


Bitcoin ( is the first and it remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market. It is one of the best cryptocurrency in the market. The coin saw its price increase from to a low $5,920 in a situation considered a crash, to $8,507 with predictions putting the price of the most popular cryptocurrency on the planet at $50,000 in December 2018. Investors are looking at bitcoin because of the popularity and acceptability of the cryptocurrency and bulls in the cryptocurrency markets are looking at benefiting from the high in December. The lightning network is also another factor that might tip the balance in favor of bitcoin. Many people are going to invest in bitcoin in 2018 and regulations reviewing the acceptability of cryptocurrencies would likely look at bitcoin first.


Ethereum ( has not grown to unreasonably high prices like bitcoin. The highest it has reached is a $1,200 in January 2018. Ethereum remains another cryptocurrency with a good chance of surpassing the all- popular bitcoin in the near future. Ethereums use as both a platform for the development of applications and a network is one very promising feature that makes the cryptocurrency unique and increases its future uses. Many new cryptocurrencies have launched on the ethereum platform. The World Food Programme and UNICEF have used ethereum to raise fund for refugees.


Litecoin ( proves to be the best alternative to Bitcoin. One of the best cryptocurrency to invest in, it was created by former Google employee Charlie Lee. Litecoin works faster and better than bitcoin. It makes sending funds from one user to another as easy as sending our traditional email. The speed of transaction which is 4 times faster than bitcoin’s and the transaction fee which is as low as nothing compared to bitcoin also tips the balance in its favor. Litecoin reached an all-time high of $360 in December 2017. Looking at the cryptocurrency the projected volume means that the price may not get to the five-digit value of bitcoin and bitcoin cash. This also means that it would be an affordable and user-friendly alternative to bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash ( is a fork of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has witnessed the biggest rise in this year. With about 40% increase in a matter of days. The bitcoin cash network features seamless execution of transactions with an 8mb block size limit that provides higher scalability. This may be a reason for its current upward trend. Since bitcoin cash is a fork from satoshis bitcoin, users of bitcoin got bitcoin cash of the same amount when the cryptocurrency separated from the bitcoin blockchain in August 2017. Since all bitcoin users got bitcoin cash, the chances that there would be more transactions and higher fiat currency value is high.


Ripple ( was another word for the next big investment in 2017 this means that if you invested just $100 in January, you would have earned $35,259 a whopping profit $35,259. This year, ripple reached a low $0.771397 per XRP after regulations were tightened in China and South Korea. The surprising rise of about 65% in a few days to $1.6 reassures cryptomarket bulls that the future of the fastest transaction innovation in the cryptocurrency market is sure.

Ripple is also the third cryptocurrency by market capitalization with a total of $38.69 billion. Investment in ripple would definitely be profitable and could reach as high as $3 per XRP this year. Ripple offers a frictionless experience to send money globally and as a system of transaction, it is centrally controlled and would prove a solution to the money-laundering problem possible with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Investment in ripple would certainly be profitable in 2018.

EOS is one cryptocurrency you should look at very closely this year and years to come. Compared to EOS, ethereum would fail for scalability and smart contract issues. EOS sets out to revolutionize smart contracts in a way that we have not seen before. The cryptocurrency allows developers to create applications and make easy and real-time adjustments to such application quite easily.

Thanks to its integrated web assembly EOS solves the scalability problem by supporting millions of transactions in the shortest possible time. The platforms make it possible for bugs on blockchain apps with similar speed and anyone can use blockchain applications without worry about costs. With such a goal in mind, EOS well deserves its title as one of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018. Predictions are strong that EOS would reach $10,000 in coming years, but if you do not invest now the price may scare you off anytime soon.


Tronix ( is the 6th most popular cryptocurrency by total volume on cryptocompare and the 10th by market capitalization on coinraning. Tron’s distributed storage facility allows users share, create and publish digital contents with rewards on an unprecedented scale. The platform boasts of taking decentralization to the next level. The price of a Tron may be 0.04736 now but there is a good chance that in future with the adoption of decentralized system and popularity of the currency, Tronix would reach $1,000.

NEO currently sells at $110.84 at the time of writing this article. As analytics report, it’s now one of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018. The cryptocurrency hopes to become the top cryptocurrency ahead of bitcoin by 2020. NEO uses blockchain technology to digitize and manage assets through smart contracts that would eventually turn the economy into a programmable digital economy. NEO provides legal security of contracts to its participants by issuing digital certificates. With this feature, users can transfer, trade and register assets the way they like it. With a circulatory supply of 65 million from the maximum 100 million, there are good chances that NEO would become more popular in coming years and would continue to experience an increase in value.


An IOTA ( coin costs less than two USD at the time of writing this article but the innovation posed by this cryptocurrency far surpasses those of other cryptocurrencies. IOTA revolutionizes the blockchain itself with a new kind of system that is formidable and stands as a successor to the current blockchain technology—the tangle. On the tangle, there are no transaction fees since there is no need to reward miners with coins.

The incentive is a self-verification system that allows nodes to verify every previous transaction and run a risk of being unverified by subsequent nodes if they attempt to double-spend. The innovation alone is enough to tell anyone that IOTA is one cryptocurrency that holds a big stake in the future of decentralization. IOTA ranks among the top 15 in most exchanges with a market capitalization of over $ 5 billion. It is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year.

STEEM is one cryptocurrency that has a very promising future. The idea behind Steemit is a revolution of content sharing another step in decentralization. Making content creators the actual recipients of the rewards that are due for the contents they create. The Steem idea based on a proof of brain rather than a proof of work or proof of stake. Every on Steemit gets rewards for the provision of quality content, which promotes the value of the community. Steem’s plan includes the possibility of integration with websites and blogs a step that would prove more profitable for publishers and creators than the traditional methods of monetizing. At the time of writing this article, 1 steem dollars is sold for $4.56.

LISK is not just another altcoin to watch. It is a platform, the first of its kind. Lisk is a decentralized platform running its own blockchain that works based on a dedicated proof of stake algorithm like bitshares. Written in complete Javascript, a very popular and accessible programming language, Lisk aims to provide a platform that allows developers create any application of their choice, games, utilities and just anything you can think about on its unique side chain. The sidechain is Lisk’s unique innovation. It allows developers to create their unique tokens connected to the Lisk mainchain and introduce innovations anyone can copy and integrate into a side chain. This makes Lisk a big one for potential investors since its applications are limitless. Lisk reached a high of $40 in January 2018 but at the time of writing this article, a Lisk sells for about $27 across exchanges.

Qtum is a hybrid altcoin. The technology is a combination of bitcoin’s script language and the EVM using the former to transfer code to the later. Qtum combines the beauty and limitlessness of smart contracts with the stability of the bitcoin blockchain to provide a system that delivers smart contracts and works on mobile platforms. This is, in fact, an innovation by itself. Since businesses would find the use of secure reliable smart contracts a big one, the price of Qtum would definitely increase in the near future. Qtum currently sells for $29.65.


OmiseGo ( is an altcoin that is based on the ethereum blockchain. It provides unlimited varieties of transactions by working as a decentralized exchange that allows for easy transactions likey payments in the least expensive way. OmiseGo provides a decentralized digital clearinghouse for easy transfer of funds and assets between users of the network. Many investors are interested in the OmiseGo project and OmiseGo operates mainly in Asia but hopes to spread in no soon and become a key player in the cryptocurrency space. OmiseGo reached an all-time high of $25.48 in January 2018 but currently sells at $12.7. The future of the altcoin is still bright.

Ox (ZRX)

Ox ( is an ethereum based decentralized exchange altcoin that utilizes the power of smart contract and the blockchain to facilitate that exchange of ethereum ERC-20 tokens. With Ox, the problem of transactions typically an exchange of one ERC-20 token for another is free. This is a big one since new coins come into the ethereum platform every month. An Ox (ZRX) sells at $0.9631 at Bitfinex.


Komodo ( now sells at $3.80 a drop from its initial $10 price in December 2017 and its all-time high of $12 in January 2018. It is a seamless solution to the problem faced by existing blockchain technologies. On the Komodo platform, users can easily develop their own decentralized applications and expect execution of transactions with an unprecedented speed. Thanks to the innovation of its 60 seconds block time. Transaction fees are also low enough to keep everything running as fast. With all these, the future of the secure altcoin is bright and should be something to think about if you decide to invest.

Kyber Network

Kyber.Network is a platform for the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another preferred cryptocurrency. A decentralized exchange, Kyber Network offers its users risk-free exchange that works on smart contracts. There is a complete absence of trust and users can differ transactions to a preferred time to save themselves from the volatility if cryptocurrencies. Everything on the Kyber Network is anonymous since you do not have to provide personal information to use the network. Its current price is a stable $2.84. Analysts predict that Kyber network would increase 5 times its current value in 2018. A good sign for the best currency to invest 2018.

BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Although the altcoin currently sells for less than a dollar, BAT ( is certainly going to be a big one in no distant time as it continues to gain popularity. BAT revolutionizes and is without a doubt the future of digital advertising. Publishers can now get rewards for the attention their contents receive. Users get rewards for viewing these contents. It works in such a way that mal-advertising and ad-blockers become unnecessary. Advertisers no longer take the lion share of the profits. You can summarily see that the future of digital advertising lies here and BAT is just it.

Ælf (ELF)

The Ælf altcoin ( aims to provide a customizable operating system that brings business and the blockchain closer together, enable cross-chain interactions with a mainstream chain like bitcoin, improve performance and protocol update and create a private chain module like a cloud service that allows users create and obtain full ownership of the independent chain. The cryptocurrency currently sells at $1.15 on Bitfinex.

Quantstamp is the first technological system developed to secure smart contracts. Quantstamp’s solution is a system that provides a scalable and cost-effective way to edit smart contracts. Hence, the exponentially growing number of smart contracts on the ethereum platform is secure with Quantstamp’s innovation. This is the more reason why the future of this altcoin is bright. Since its importance lasts for as long as secure smart contracts are necessary. A new altcoin, Quantstamp reached its biggest high of $0.5268 in 2018.

Summing up

Here we give an insight into the possible profitably of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018. The truth remains the same that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and investment in cryptocurrency is not completely secure. Investors run the risk of losing everything they invest as much as they do getting more than they invested. There are no specific rules, as those provided on the internet are at best human speculations that are not provable and would fail with time. Investing in crypto should come from well-thought and carefully researched strategy for making money with cryptocurrency.

The market forces of demand and supply take its toll on the cryptocurrency market. When bulls in the cryptocurrency market notice a new currency that is gaining traction of much of the market activities, they invest in the hope that such cryptocurrencies would become profitable. Bears would sell every coin they have at the slightest shift in price and the situation continues like this. The profitability of a cryptocurrency may also come from its innovative idea. This is the case of ripple and a host of others. Government regulations could also cause a general fall in the price of popular coins in the cryptocurrency market. Like it was with the case when the Chinese and Korean governments took what they considered precautionary measures recently.

Whether we believe it or not, cryptocurrency holds a larger share in the future of technology bubble and the eventual burst would definitely result in something better. But the only way an investor would increase his or her chances of profiting is keeping updated about trends and risk tolerable investments.



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