Crypto airdrops – cryptocurrency you can receive for social activity

  • 10.05.2018
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Recently, ICO projects have resort to airdrop crypto – free distribution of tokens – more and more often. Why do ICO companies need this? Distribution of free tokens has its advantages both for the company and participants. Companies thus attract a large number of users to their project and get a live audience to their social networks. Participants, in turn, get rewards for social activity and attracting new users.

Those who want to participate in airdrop-campaigns have to look for projects that distribute free tokens on their own. Fortunately, there are services that collect information about the current airdrops in one place and offer convenient registration for receiving tokens. One of such resources is Airdrop Alert, which provides a list of all new and future promising projects that conduct airdrop.

Why is it beneficial to participate in airdrop campaigns?

Tokens of some promising projects have grown by more than 10,000% over several years. For example, Ethereum once gave away 1000 ETH, which is equivalent to $ 792,550 at the time of writing. Let’s look at few examples with ICO Pulse.

Callisto airdrop

Callisto is an Ethereum Classic hardfork. During Callisto airdrop all ETC holders were given CLO tokens on a 1:1 ratio. Now CLO is trading at around $0.5, and at the very beginning it cost $6.

Omisego airdrop

Organizers of the Omisego airdrop gave OMG coins for free when they were already listed on exchanges. Everyone could get 3 tokens, which is roughly $50.

Ignis airdrop

It was given to NXT cryptocurrency holders. Ignis airdrop brought holders 1 IGNIS, whose price is now held at around $0.17, for every 2 NXT tokens in their wallets.

Of course, the amounts are small. Only holders of large amounts of cryptocurrency received large profits. Although there are chances for new cryptocurrencies to “skyrocket”. There are airdrops the tokens of which grew significantly and quickly hit the top list of cryptocurrencies by capitalization. We’re talking about about ETC and EOS.

ETC airdrop

The Ethereum hardfork occurred in 2016, and ether holders received 1 ETC for each 1 ETH, and now ETC is traded at ~ $22. ETC airdrop was one of the most impressive campaigns of its kind, especially for those on who had hundreds and thousands of ETH, which then cost less than $ 20.

EOS airdrop

EOS also conducted crypto airdrops repeatedly. And in June 2018 two new EOS airdrops are expected to be held.

  1. Everipedia. This is the largest online encyclopedia that will distribute IQ tokens to EOS holders. The number of tokens and the airdrop date are still unknown and will be announced before June 1, 2018.
  1. Scatter. Blockchain-platform for digital identification. To get tokens, holders must have a Scatter-identifier. All users holding EOS on their wallet will receive 40 RIDL tokens.

Where can I get information about airdrops

Airdrop Alert service

Only the best airdrops at Airdrop Alert. Now there are a lot of services that try to collect a large number of referrals and add all the crypto airdrops that come across the eyes. Many of them turn out to be scams, and some even collect donates and private keys, which contradicts the airdrop idea.

E-mail notifications support that come when new interesting give-aways are announced. Users will always be aware of the current airdrops and will not miss new ones. Also exclusive crypto airdrops are available for subscribers of the Airdrop Alert service.

Convenient and intuitive interface. To register in distributions via AirdropAlert, it is enough to choose the airdrop you are interested in, and the site will describe in detail all the necessary tasks for obtaining tokens and will provide the links. In addition, the site presents projects’ rating and the amount of tokens that participants will receive.

Airdrop Addict

The service provides a convenient list of current airdrops. Airdrop Addict ( also has a rating system, only the rating is determined by users’ votes. The service contains a large list of crypto airdrops and does not describe in detail the steps necessary to obtain tokens, but sends users to services like Airdrop Alert or official Telegram bots with instructions.

Airdrops Live

A simple site with a convenient distributions list and user rating. Each block on the Airdrops Live ( contains a brief description of the airdrop and the number of tokens a participant receives. The links lead directly to the sites for registration in crypto airdrops and do not describe steps for obtaining tokens in detail.

Airdrop King

Another site similar to Airdrop Alert. Airdrop King ( also crypto airdrops rating and details the steps for participating in airdrops. In addition, the site presents convenient widgets with basic information about every airdrop: the number of tokens, their equivalent in dollars, terms and cost.


Airdropster ( is a site similar to Airdrop Alert and Airdrop King with step-by-step instructions and convenient structure, displaying all the necessary information about crypto airdrops. A distinctive feature of Airdropster is that the site conducts its own cryptocurrency airdrops for its subscribers. For example, recently they distributed 10 XRPs among 10 randomly selected participants.



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