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Valuable Crypto Airdrops Selected by Experts

If you are looking for exclusive information about crypto airdrops projects – you are in the right place! When it comes to crypto airdrops, knowing which ones are legitimate and which ones are a scam can be difficult, but it is important if you don’t want to lose your money.

Sorting through the large volume of airdrops just to find one worth participating in can be tedious when all you want to do is get started from nothing. Here at ICO Pulse, we provide you with the best promising crypto airdrops only that were selected using our unique method developed to ensure every opportunity is a legitimate one.

We do the research, we do the rating, and we aggregate the final list! All you have to do is browse through our airdrops crypto project list and select the one that interests you the most. Don’t miss your chance to get free tokens!

Most Convenient Alert List of Upcoming Airdrops

Whether you are looking for a new token to invest in, want to get an idea of what is up and coming in the cryptocurrency sector, or want to see what type of upcoming airdrops have been announced, check out the below list. This airdrop alert list contains all upcoming airdrops and hard forks, all of which have been vetted, rated, and aggregated using our unique method. Each listed airdrop will give you access to what phase the token project is in, what the project is about, and what the value of the airdrop will be. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to join the airdrop and when the token distribution will be. You may also access the project’s social media profile pages, a link to a telegram if available, the project’s website, and a link that leads directly to the airdrop.

Current Ethereum Airdrop Opportunities

?The Ethereum blockchain has excelled in the cryptocurrency space for a number of reasons. One, it is more effective than Bitcoin in that the records of transactions are created much quicker, two it allows for third-party applications to run, and three, it can hold other forms of data beyond just money and Ether. Currently, Ether is one of the top valued digital currencies, becoming the second largest digital currency with regards to monetary value and is highly sought after as it hosts the majority of ICOs on the market.

If you are looking for Ethereum airdrops, the list below contains exclusive airdrop opportunities for those looking to add to their Ethereum wallets. All of the Ethereum airdrops below have been vetted and rated for quality, legitimacy, and profitability through our unique vetting method. When you click on each listed Ethereum airdrop, you will be able to see what phase it is in, what the project is about, and the current listed value of the airdrop and the token. There will be step-by-step instructions on how to join the airdrop and when the airdrop will commence. If you would like to learn more about the project associated with the airdrop, social media pages, telegram links, and the project’s website will be available to visit.

A List of The Latest Bitcoin Airdrop Options

Despite the fact that there are numerous other alternative coins or tokens on the market, Bitcoin is still leading the cryptocurrency market in value. Currently, Bitcoin is being slowly accepted as a mainstream payment method and you can now exchange real-world money for bitcoins on mainstream coin exchanges. If you are unsure of whether you want to invest into Bitcoin, with the unpredictable rise and fall of the market, try looking through the below list of Bitcoin airdrops to see if there is one that peaks your interest. These will provide you with a free way to get Bitcoin, without requiring you to invest in anything but your time.

The following Bitcoin airdrop list is exclusive and filled with vetted, highly-rated bitcoin projects that are offering free tokens. By clicking through the list, you can learn more about each project, find out when they are expecting to drop the coins, and even find the specified spot for the airdrop. If you do find an airdrop that you want to participate in, just follow the step-by-step instructions and requirements to claim your free coins. If you need more information, you can check out the social media profiles of each project, visit their website, or check out their team profile.

When a cryptocurrency enterprise, whether that be a new startup or an established company, gives out free tokens or coins to the community, that is a cryptocurrency airdrop. This is commonly used as a way to bootstrap cryptocurrency projects, increase the supply in circulation, stimulate trading among the community, or increase project visibility across the sector. Other reasons that airdrops are carried out include rewarding loyalty, generating leads, and creating brand awareness.

When it comes to participating in airdrop cryptocurrency give-a-ways, there are generally two ways that an individual can go about. The first, requires the individual to have a specific coin held within their wallet during a pre-announced event, where no expectation or considerations are to be made on the individual’s behalf other than holding the relevant blockchain tokens within their wallet.

The second, is called a bounty drop, where tokens are rewarded based on completing a task. Typically, blockchain companies or startups will reward individuals for completing simple social media tasks like following on Twitter, re-tweeting, or re-posting a specific piece of content.

The final type of airdrop, which is way less common than the above two, is called a “hardfork” which is the process of when a “chain” separates out into two chains. When this happens, it is called a hardfork, and if both new chains get community and miner support, you get an airdrop. The most well known example of a hardfork are Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash.

In order to participate in a cryptocurrency airdrop and claim your free tokens, you will need to follow a set of rules or guidelines. Generally, these will be different from one airdrop opportunity to another, so make sure to read the rules carefully.

The most common airdrop that you will see will be a bounty airdrop, so with these you will need to complete a small task. This could be anything from re-tweeting the company’s tweets on Twitter, re-posting content, or joining a telegram group. If the bounty drop does require you to complete a small task with a social media profile, check the requirements, as most of these types of drops will need you to have a certain amount of followers or social activity. Once you have completed the task, you may be asked to fill out a form that contains your social media usernames and your wallet address. If you are asked to join a telegram group, you may leave the channel after the airdrop has been completed and you have received your tokens.

If you take part in a “holder” cryptocurrency airdrop, all you will need to do is hold a specific token or coin in your wallet during the snapshot period. Users who have the specific token held during the time/block of the snapshot will receive free tokens.

For those interested in participating in cryptocurrency airdrops, make sure you have an e-mail address, a telegram account, a Twitter account, and a token wallet of your choice. You may also be asked to have the following profiles: Medium, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn. Keep in mind that it is generally not a good idea to use a wallet address of an exchange for airdrops.

In general, blockchain startups and established companies do ICO airdrop giveaways because they promote awareness, they generate a community, and they have the potential to boost the value of the token or coin. When browsing through the most recent airdrop coins 2018 list, you are more likely to gravitate towards a token that has been advertised through a coin airdrop, just simply because you recognize it. This is the first reason why airdrops are done by both blockchain startups and enterprises, because they bring about awareness of a project that otherwise would get lost amongst the thousands of other new blockchain endeavours. When awareness is brought to a project, it can lead to token appreciation or increased value. This is called an endowment effect and it occurs when a mass amount of people believe in a token or coin and hold it. The longer the airdrop coin is held, the more likely it will increase in value.

The second reason why companies hold a token airdrop is because it creates a network or community of coin holders. When you take a look at an initial coin offering and section out the token distribution, you often see that a large part of the value is owned by the project’s developers, while the second largest portion is owned by those who bought tokens as part of the initial coin pre-sale. The third piece of the token distribution comes those who have invested into the project and the fourth comes from airdrop tokens. When a token has a fairer distribution percentage, the project becomes more favourable to those who are interested in investing in it.

Beyond these two reasons, anyone who is part of the cryptocurrency world loves airdrop coins because you are getting tokens for free. The potential for an airdrop ICO to “go viral” so to speak is decently high as the community or network will boost the value, will encourage others to join, and will provide the project with momentum. Plus, it is a win-win for the company as they get to market their project, take off selling pressure, and reward those who have an interest.

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