PlayUp Bet – The first Cryptocurrency only Gambling Platform

  • 15.10.2018
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PlayUp is an Australian sports gambling company that continues to grow. PlayUp Bet is the latest addition to their PlayChip gambling ecosystem which already has quite a few well-known names including 123bet, ClassicBet, Mad Bookie and TopBetta.

PlayChip community is very excited about increasing value of the token and that the company continues building a path for decentralized gambling model within the sports betting industry.

PlayChip token utility value

The website is the first operational cryptocurrency enabled sports bookmaker. You can already place bets on fantasy sports, regular sports events and races. PlayUp uses their own crypto token named PlayChip. It is a rare case when a token gains utility value even before it is listed.

Daniel Simic, PlayUp CEO, feels excited about the launch of the first crypto-token exclusive betting platform. He believes that decentralization brings excellent payment methods along with increase fairness and transparency in gaming.

With PlayUp Bet, you can choose to wager on 9 sports, as well as the harness, greyhound and gallop racing on over 25 different racetracks worldwide. In a later update company plans to introduce even more betting options such as eSports, F1, NBA and UFC. The list will continue to grow over time.

PlayChip is the only payment method accepted on PlayUp Bet. Token generation is expected to start this December. But PlayChip community which currently has over 1 mln users will have a perfect chance to explore the token before it is generated later on this year.

PlayUp and PlayChip maintain steady growth in 2018. Their ecosystem is growing fast with six new platforms introduced within the last 6 months.

Also, the latest notable addition to PlayUp team is the famous Australian businessman Brett King. He was appointed to the advisory board on 3 October.

At the moment PlayUp Bet is in the live Beta stage. You can register, get verified and start betting and winning PayChips right now. Although, the full launch will take place in December this year after PlayChip token generation.



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