Bitcoin Gambling with Faucet

  • 17.09.2018
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Bitcoin gambling with faucet is extremely popular marketing strategy used to increase the popularity of Bitcoin among new users. Also, it allows newcomers to try out various online casino games before committing to making a deposit. So, in reality, Bitcoin gambling with faucet replaces no deposit bonus option for Bitcoin casinos. It works very simply. You register a new account with a Bitcoin casino of your choice, and they will credit your balance with a small amount of BTC for free. Some casinos may ask you to do one or two easy tasks before crediting your account.

Here are the Top 5 Bitcoin Gambling Faucets we can recommend that are offered by the best websites in the Bitcoin casino industry:

1. Manhattan Slots

2. Bitstarz

3. Bovada

4. Café Casino

5. Joe Fortune

Additionally, Bitcoin gambling with faucet is used to educate people who are new to Bitcoin. Casinos have complete guides posted on their website on how to create a Bitcoin wallet, buy coins and keep them safe.

The idea here is to help you not only learn about the cryptocurrency itself but also learn about how to obtain it without the risks of mining or buying it. Also, faucets have become a successful way to make Bitcoin more popular by giving away free coins to those who are interested. By now everyone knows about Bitcoin as a currency and the high value of it and so giving away free coins through a faucet works in spreading awareness about the currency.

Why is Bitcoin gambling with faucet important?

Bitcoin faucets are important to Bitcoin casinos because they help introduce, encourage, and grow the Bitcoin ecosystem. When a casino offers Bitcoin gambling with faucet, it is using the faucet as a marketing strategy to bring in new players to the website. The advantage for Bitcoin casinos includes:

  • The ability to attract new products, people, and services to their website. A faucet provides free money to those who are interested in the Bitcoin economy.
  • Faucets help encourage people to discover new products and services that they would not have otherwise seen or heard of.
  • Since faucets generate a high amount of traffic, advertising is often placed on the faucet page, thereby generating money for the faucet owner.

As the currency rises in popularity, so too does the amount of traffic that the faucet gains. It ends up being a win-win situation for the faucet owner, and the end-user who is rewarded for learning about the cryptocurrency.

Why Bitcoin Faucets Are Similar to a No Deposit Bonus

free bitcoin

A Bitcoin gambling with faucet works in a similar way to a cryptocurrency airdrop but in the form of a website or an online application. The distribution of the free Satoshi is claimed either after the completion of a service like playing a game or completing a captcha or dispensed at a predetermined time.

A Bitcoin casino may use a faucet as a means to get more people acquainted with their services. In addition to this, many online casino gamblers get introduced to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the explanation, introduction, and use of a faucet. Above all else though, a faucet serves in a similar way to a no deposit bonus in that the individual gets credited with free money without having to deposit their own first.


If you are interested in Bitcoin, getting involved with faucets is a great way to learn more about both the Bitcoin economy, digital currency in general, and Bitcoin gambling with faucet. Plus, it is a stress-free and risk-free way to get started with cryptocurrency without having to worry about investing your own money or revealing your identity to the world.



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