Top 5 Casino Gambling ICO in 2018

  • 28.08.2018
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Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency platform developed years ago. Since then blockchain technology has been implemented in many other industries including online Bitcoin Casino. Casino gambling ICOs are also popping up more and more often. Experts revealed that the number of online casino players is rapidly increasing. Most have attributed it to the fantastic bonuses that a player can receive at almost any online casino. Right now, there are many online casino gambling ICOs available. Let us have a look at some of the best and TOP casino gambling ICO projects that you can choose from in 2018.

ICO #1 – Alive Casino

alive casino ICO

The developers of this gaming cryptocurrency ICO see the casino market as one that is alive. It clearly explains the name “Alive Casino“. That is why they have sought avenues to create a thriving, living as well as a safe gaming alternative for players all over the world. The developers of this gaming cryptocurrency ICO seek to create an environment where online casinos are capable of occupying a more significant part of the market. They aim to achieve this goal through two main strategies. By following transparent practices with the help of blockchain technology and enabling real human experiences for all players through a Virtual Reality (VR) experience as well as effective social media.

The Alive Casino seeks to integrate the Virtual Reality (VR) technology and the fantastic blockchain technology to create one of the best online casino gaming platforms the world has seen.

This casino gambling ICO wants to offer players broader functionality. Several partnerships and technologies have been developed to achieve it.

Interestingly, players will be able to interact with casino dealers on the Alive Casino gambling ICO using live chat. This is integrated to make the game as real as possible.

ICO #2 – WINiota

winiota ICO

The online casino gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Experts predict that the market would rise to over $59 billion by 2020. Others have predicted that by 2019, this value might double or even triple. Although the market is growing, certain issues have stunted its growth process. These challenges and issues range from an agreement of the balance account of users to the algorithm that generates random numbers.

Several online casino gambling platforms have been developed to solve these issues, but none have been able to do so until the development and launch of the WINiota casino gambling ICO.

Most noteworthy, this gaming cryptocurrency ICO happens to be the first decentralized blockchain 3.0 live casino and sports betting platform. This casino gambling ICO happens to be miles ahead of other blockchain casinos ICOs. They pulled it off thanks to using the IOTA channel to develop the first playable app.

The WINiota online casino gambling ICO seeks to provide players with utilities like:

  • Gameplay;
  • Raffles;
  • White labels and voting.


dicegame ICO

This gaming cryptocurrency ICO is capable of hosting fair as well as transparent P2P (Peer to Peer) games with verifiable mechanisms that offer no withdrawal or deposit limits. The major difference between this casino gambling ICO and other gaming cryptocurrency ICOs is that DICEGAME is built and based on the Graphene technology which enables lower transaction fees while maintaining high transaction speed.

The DICEGAME gaming cryptocurrency ICO has integrated real-time interaction to ensure that the gaming environment is fair and transparent. This casino gambling ICO wants to solve some of the problems that the casino gambling market is facing, which are:

  • Withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Lack of trust in the system
  • Centralized generation of random numbers

Moreover, some of the main benefits of the DICEGAME that makes it one of the best casino gambling ICOs include:

  • Lower transaction cost
  • High transaction speed
  • No withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Players do not need to possess specific skills to increase winning odds
  • Secure platform
  • Fair and transparent ecosystem.

ICO #4 – TIPbot


It visualizes one convenient mobile application that makes it possible to place bets, make tips as well as pay for products and services all over the world using a new cryptocurrency – $TIP. TIPbot wants to make the process of receiving money as seamless as possible to motivate users to use the service.

The project’s whitepaper has a description of how to leave a tip for a waiter who doesn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies. There is no commission charge or transaction fee.
The developers of this gaming cryptocurrency ICO are also targeting mainstream social network platforms including Telegram, Reddit, and Discord.

ICO #5 – Gaming Stars

gaming stars ICO

Another amazing gaming cryptocurrency ICO that uses Ethereum Network. It seeks to revolutionize the sports betting industry as well as offer solutions to some of the problems. The Gaming Stars gaming cryptocurrency ICO allows players to compete for real money within a fair and transparent ecosystem. This platform seeks to become the first to offer users an abundance of features. Furthermore, it has a potential to revolutionize the sports betting industry.

In this article, we discussed the top gaming cryptocurrency ICOs. As a matter of fact, there are more exciting casino gambling ICOs out there that are worth checking out. Click here to visit our catalog to view the full list of casino gambling ICOs complete with rating scores and detailed description of each project.



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