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  • 25.04.2018
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After the insanity that took place in 2017, and the depression in the cryptocurrency market in early 2018, it’s time to inspect the industry and understand what has changed in the crypto. The hype has revealed some problems of modern cryptocurrency, such as low bandwidth and limited scalability. So what are best coins for 2018?

At the same time, a large number of new currencies have emerged where these problems are solved. As well as currencies that offer new solutions, and not just copy existing coins. At the moment, there is such a huge amount of diverse coins deserving to be included in the list of top cryptos for 2018 that even reading their descriptions will take a lot of time.

Aside from best altcoins to invest in 2018, experts from ICO Pulse tried to selected the top altcoins 2018 from all this abundance, dividing the list into two parts:

  • altcoins, that have already proved their reliability and survived more than one pump. Let’s call these currencies “classic”.
  • New altcoins, which are just gaining popularity.

Top classic altcoins 2018 according to ICO Pulse experts


Bitcoin’s “younger brother”, not very much different from “the big brother”. The second cryptocurrency, which appeared after bitcoin, and successfully passed the test of time. Litecoin ( develops faster than Bitcoin – the developers first added SegWit and Lightning network. This crypto is not as popular as some others. But it has been working steadily for about seven years, constantly developing and keeping up with “the big brother”. Despite the age, we can safely call Litecoin crypto 2018. Another reason why is in its advantages in the comparison of Bitcoin Cash vs Litecoin.


“Bitcoin 2.0” as the creator calls it, breathed a second life into the cryptocurrency world. The idea is simple – why implement new ideas as individual cryptocurrencies, if you can create a virtual machine with a full-fledged internal programming language, which you can write anything on?

Programs written in the internal language were called smart-contracts, and the start-up was a resounding success. Although not without problems. Ethereum Virtual Machine is rather slow, therefore the developers constantly improve their creation. Ethereum ( irreversibly changed the industry of blockchain technologies – after its release, no new cryptocurrency can succeed without the smart-contracts support. And if you remember that most of the ICO projects use Ethereum blockchain, it is difficult to overestimate the impact of this cryptocurrency on the industry.


The first anonymous cryptocurrency, which solved the problem of data transparency in the blockchain. Using “ring signatures“, the protocol mixes transactions so that it becomes unclear who has transferred money to whom. At the time of the appearance this technology was unparalleled. The Monero ( coin appeared in 2014 and since then it has been growing steadily, constantly developing. Recently it changed the algorithm, protecting itself from new ASIC models. The developers said that they will periodically change the proof-of-work algorithm used to exclude ASIC-mining. No one showed such “stubbornness” before.


The second coin that solved the problem of data transparency in the blockchain, but in a different way – not by mixing transactions, but by full data encryption. After encryption, it’s not just unclear who transferred what to whom, but the transaction itself is indistinguishable from a random data set. Edward Snowden himself approved ZCash coin ( The level of privacy in this cryptocurrency is the highest among all.


One of “applicable” cryptocurrencies. – is a project to create a decentralized file system, thanks to which anyone can rent out space on their hard drives. Despite the fact that SiaCoin is not a pioneer in this field, and several more blockchain startups are solving this problem, recently developers of this particular currency announced the addition of public links to the distributed file system. If this venture is successful, SiaCoin can become the basis for a new decentralized Internet.

Top new altcoins 2018

You should be careful with new coins. In pursuit of solving one of the main problems of classic cryptocurrencies, (a small number of transactions processed per second), many of them lose the fundamental crypto advantage – decentralization. And while the example of Ripple shows that modern society does not consider centralization as a huge minus, in the future this situation may change. In any case, the following are altcoins to watch over. Analysts at ICO Pulse represent the best new altcoins in 2018.


One of the top altcoins 2018, which gained huge popularity in Japan. uses Proof-of-importance consensus algorithm, which, in fact, is slightly more complex PoS. Developers position their cryptocurrency as “Ethereum killer” with the ability to process up to three thousand transactions per second (for comparison, Ethereum processes about… ten).


This cryptocurrency ( is created for the Internet of things and it brings new radical ideas to the industry. One of these ideas is the replacement of the blockchain with a directed acyclic graph. That is, instead of a single chain of blocks, the technology uses multiple chains at once. This solution allows the system to scale up indefinitely and process as many transactions per second as humanity does not even need now. But one detail – the coordinator – slightly overshadows the picture. Yes, this is a classic central server that checks the correctness of all transactions and has unlimited power in the system. And although the developers claim that the coordinator is needed only until the network gets stronger, and in the future will be removed, at the moment the system is centralized.


Another best altcoin 2018 and “Ethereum killer” with infinite scalability, “free” transactions and ICO, which lasts a year. Developers compete with Ethereum not only by improving their creation but also by constantly criticizing Ethereum on Twitter, thus periodically generating heated discussions with Vitalik Buterin (creator of the Etherium), which constantly points out the shortcomings of EOS technology (


Another “Ethereum killer”, this time – from China. It has smart-contracts support, unlimited scalability and a bunch of additional features. Many people consider NEO ( to be one of the best cryptos for 2018 and one of the most promising cryptocurrencies 2018. But careful analysis shows that, first, 50% of the coins belong to the developers, and second, the consensus algorithm is based on a small number of full-fledged nodes, which are also under developers control. Unlike Ethereum, you cannot buy equipment and start confirming network transactions – this activity is reserved for the “chosen ones” only. This resembles Ripple’s architecture. Although, the total centralization of Ripple did not prevent this currency from achieving success. Hence, NEO also has chances.


Young applicable cryptocurrency. developers are building a platform for distributed computing. Using this platform, you can, for example, buy the processing power of a graphics processor for rendering a 3D-scene. Or rent the power of a CPU for mathematical calculations. A very promising direction, which, if implemented well, will forever change the world. The coin is definitely among the top top coins for 2018.

ZenCash (ZEN)

We are finishing our top alt coins with ZCash fork, which was not anything special until recently. But not so long ago, developers have implemented a new master node system. Unlike “classic” master nodes, which require huge investments and are available in a small number of networks, ZenCash ( master nodes are cheap and available in huge quantities. Such a system of master nodes represents a decentralized network, each node of which is rewarded for its work. On such a network, you can implement many interesting projects from the decentralized Internet to the calculations system. This is a promising direction – we will observe how the developers will develop it.



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