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Atonomi ICO Review

  • 15.03.2018
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The “Internet of Things” is one of the most promising IT-spheres. Experts predict an increase in the industry capitalization to $ 0.5 trillion by 2020. In addition, IoT has a huge potential for integration with the blockchain – cryptotechnologies can solve many of the industry’s problems, such as the data transmission and storage security, power consumption optimization and so on. The Atonomi project aims specifically at IoT, which already draws attention. What is the idea behind the project, and what specific solutions for the “Internet of Things” does he offer?

The Atonomi project concept and features

Atonomi (atonomi.io) provides IoT devices with a new security protocol and interaction platform (for example, for data exchange). This is provided by four elements of the platform architecture:

  1. Identification. Each device, whether it is a sensor or data storage, will be registered in the blockchain and identified in the system. Thus, only proven devices will function on the network. That will ensure system’s security.
  2. Reputation. A reputation report will measure it for each device separately. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, it is possible to evaluate devices’ performance during their entire runtime. Based on the received data, high-performance elements of the system will be rewarded with a high reputation – accordingly, their services will be in great demand. In addition, thanks to the reputation system, it becomes possible to identify unreliable elements, and to exclude them from the system.
  3. Token. Cryptocurrency is an integral part of any decentralized system. The token will become a mean to participate in the relationships on the platform, allowing all users to buy services and receive rewards to.
  4. Scalability. Such areas as healthcare and smart technologies management can already use Atonomi protocols. Atonomi can be a platform for integration of any system using IoT.

Use cases

Now there is a presentation of several areas of application of their protocol on the Atonomi site. Systems that they use in these spheres suit the best for integration into the platform:

  1. Healthcare. This is one of the most relevant spheres for both IoT and blocking technologies. Using the platform Atonomi will allow patients’ devices (pacemakers, insulin pumps and so on) to send information directly to the observing clinics, completely safe and confidential. Also, devices themselves can receive information from clinics (medical cards, survey results, etc.) to adjust functioning. In addition, patients can anonymously share their data and survey results with research laboratories.
  2. Smart houses. The homeowner registers devices in the system, after which they can interact with external services – for example, a smart thermostat can buy electricity from a trusted supplier with the lowest price.
  3. Smart cities. It can be both an internal private city network of the municipality, and a network in the Atonomi common ecosystem. In case of the latter, the city receives, in addition to security, machine learning and the ability to efficiently process and store data, the possibility of interaction.
  4. Industry. Plants’ devices, registered in the Atonomi system, will be better protected, and also will be able to exchange data with devices in other systems. This will allow using information more rationally, without jeopardizing security and confidentiality.

In general, Atonomi platform application mechanisms are reduced to ensure safe interaction of devices and reducing equipment stress. The principle of work is virtually identical in all these spheres.

Interaction of devices occurs with the help of ecosystem’s token. Participants pay for using the platform, identification, and transactions with the token. You can earn a token by checking devices and users, evaluating their activities and assigning a reputation level.

The Atonomi ICO project’s team

Information on only five members of the Atonomi team is provided on the official site:

  1. Vaughan Emery is the founder and CEO. He has 20 years of experience in the software and cyber security market. The founder and CEO of CENTRI Technology. Has no experience with blockchain, but has been working with IoT for 4 years already.
  2. David Fragale is co-founder and vice president of product. He has experience working with a blockchain (PwC), an employee and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  3. Mike Mackey – CTO. An expert on cyber security, he has created several platforms. Head of Engineering Development at CENTRI Technology.
  4. Dr. Luis Paris – Chief Data Scientist. The creator of CENTRI Technology main technologies.
  5. Andrii Zamovsky is Strategic Development Partner. An expert on the blockchain, an experienced technical consultant. The founder of Ambisafe and OrderBook.

The project website provides links to team members’ profiles on LinkedIn. All profiles are quite complete and detailed, each team member has more 500 friends (except for Mackey – he has about 300). The skills of each member of the team in LinkedIn-profiles are confirmed by dozens of people, which confirms both the authenticity of the profiles and competence of team members.

But the project has almost more advisors than team members. Among them is, for example, Dr. John Clippinger of MIT, co-founder of Token Commons and advisor to a number of successful projects. Also, Atonomi’s advisors’ team includes Dr. David Kravitz, vice president of Crypto Systems Research in DarkMatter.

TO keep the long story short, successful CENTRI Technology company develops Atonomi. CENTRI has been operating since 2010, the company has developed several solutions for the “Internet of Things”, has 10 patents for Atonomi. Among the company’s partners there are Intel, Flex, Microsoft and other high-tech companies.

Token sale and further plans on development

The site does not provide information about the starting date of token open sale, moreover, even a road map of the project is absent. The developers team promise to re-publish the road map in the near future, after making some alterations. However, some information is available on the token.

It is known at the moment that it is planned to issue a billion of ATMI tokens, half will be for sale, the Atonomi ICO price of one token is expected to be 5 cents. The team plans to attract $ 25 million during the ICO.

You better sign up for the Atonomi ICO news feed, as well as follow the news on the projects’ pages in social networks in order not to miss updates and announcement of the ICO. Also, they are making crypto airdrops, don’t miss it.

Summary of Atonomi ICO

Atonomi is interesting because it offers a systematic solution for the IT sector, which will undoubtedly gain popularity and attract more and more capital in the near future. Thanks to this, every truly successful solution for the “Internet of Things” is almost doomed to success. And the solutions proposed by Atonomi look quite good.

Due to this, Atonomi certainly will not have any problems in the ICO fundraising, possibly, according to the current trend, only white-listed investors will be able to take part in the open sale. This will, at a very least, increase the token price after token sale, when those who did get it during the ICO will buy it on the exchanges.



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