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WELL ICO review

  • 16.03.2018
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Health is the most valuable resource a person has. And under normal circumstances, people always make great efforts to preserve and strengthen it. In addition to healthy lifestyle, the quality and regularity of medical care plays a significant role in preserving health. Unfortunately, not everyone and not always has the opportunity to apply for qualified medical care, or even a simple consultation. And the problem often lies not even in money, but in the lack of time or a competent specialist in the immediate vicinity.

Telemedicine has become the solution to most of these problems. Modern technology allows you to get medical advice even from a specialist who is in another country (in case he is the most competent in the matter) while at home or office. The WELL (joinwell.io) project offers a special blockchain platform. Its design should simplify communication between the doctor and the patient while increasing the speed and safety of telemedicine.

What is WELL?

The WELL blockchain platform not only allows the doctor and the patient to contact between. It is a complete service with the ability to select the right specialist based on his resume and reputation. Then – to get a qualified and completely confidential consultation. And pay for specialist’s services directly on the platform with an internal token. Medics, in turn, get the opportunity to help people at a convenient time, in a comfortable environment. And get a fair payment for it. There is another interesting product for medicine from NuCyfer called Medibloc, check it out in our blog.

What issues of modern medicine does the WELL project solve

  1. High cost of services. WELL users choose a specialist themselves, and immediately see how much their services are worth. And whether they can afford them.
  2. Geographical restrictions. Patients living in remote locations or in regions with underdeveloped medicine find it difficult to obtain quality services. WELL allows you to seek the advice of specialists from the US, Germany, Switzerland and other developed countries from anywhere in the world, whether it is Central Africa or Central Asia.
  3. Language barrier. Often it is difficult for patients to correctly describe their problem, and for medics – to understand it because they speak different languages. On the WELL platform there are specialists from around the world who speak all the major languages.
  4. Bureaucracy. Medicine is a high responsibility sphere that requires order and accounting, but bureaucracy requires additional expenses, it takes time for both medics and patients. Thanks to the blockchain technologies, the WELL platform frees participants from additional paperwork and helps to save money.

In addition, the use of WELL blockchain technologies solves even more complex problems, for example, the insurance case and the amount of payment from the insurance company – thanks to smart-contracts, this process is greatly accelerated. In addition, payments through the blockchain are made almost instantaneously, and the patient does not have to wait for days to pay his bills.

The WELL platform will be built in the Ethereum ecosystem, based on it’s blockchain and smart contracts. For the convenience of users, several versions will be developed, including an application for mobile devices.

The WELL ICO project’s team

The WELL team includes specialists with experience in medicine, as well as blockchain experts and serial entrepreneurs. The project’s website contains a list of all the team members with a brief summary and links to the pages in LinkedIn.

  1. Ildar Fazulyanov, founder and CEO. Serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in medicine and fintech. In 2006 he founded Greener Ventures and managed the company for 10 years, until he focused all his attention on WELL.
  2. Alex Prokhorov, co-founder. Worked as a top-manager for Finsight Ventures , a company engaged in the development of fintech-software for business. Previously, he founded Joule Capital Management, held executive positions in Clever Asset Management and The Sputnik Group.
  3. Dr. Matthew Lefferman, clinical director. One of the first participants of the Modern House Call program, providing an innovative approach to therapeutic treatment.
  4. Josh Fonger, Process Architect. Expert in the Work of System methodology. He worked as a senior business consultant in the Romano Consulting Group, and also managed projects at Primerica Financial Services and Evergreen Devco.
  5. Paul Brown, investor and advisor. Partner of Apple Three Partners, co-founder of Sandbox Industries and ex-head of Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  6. Robert Zimmerman, advisor. Co-founder of Maryland Health Tech Coalition.

A total of about two dozen specialists participating in the creation of WELL you can see on the site. Each of them has a profile on LinkedIn, and the names of some advisors are not new to the crypto community.

Prospects for the project’s development and ICO details

The WELL launched its telemedicine platform at the beginning of the year, developers plan to establish cooperation with health care organizations and insurance companies in the United States in the immediate future, as well as to implement blockchain technologies on the platform.

In 2019-2020 they plan to fully integrate the blockchain into the platform, and to organize relationships with partners through smart-contracts. Plans also include establishing cooperation with state medical departments, including in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China.

Now WELL is at the presale stage, public stage of the Well ICO is scheduled for mid-April.

The starting date for the token open sale is April 16. Until that, all users who want to buy WELL get a 30% bonus. On the first day of the Well ICO, the bonus will be 25%, in the first week it will go down to 20% and will decrease by 5% every week.

Summary of WELL ICO

The WELL project is practice-oriented, it does not offer global changes in the blockchain world or a new ecosystem, but it provides users with a specific and demanded product. WELL is not the only project that uses blockchain in medical sphere, but it has no direct competitors in the telemedicine direction.

At the very least, it should guarantee the platform with a successful ICO and a short term token growth. In the future, everything will depend on the timely implementation of plans and activities of competitors that are likely to appear – the medical market is too promising to blockchain startupers could ignore it.



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