Top anonymous Bitcoin wallet – what to choose?

  • 26.02.2018
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Many online users prefer to be anonymous! Users of Bitcoins see anonymity as a major priority which tends to be the reason behind the preference in selecting a top-notch anonymous wallet either for PC, Android, IOS or a web wallet. The fascinating part about anonymous Bitcoin wallet is helping users keep personal identity from other users and the general public.

There are many Bitcoin wallets out there. But being aware of their level of anonymity might most likely be of help when selecting a wallet host to use. Using an exchange has your smart bitcoin wallet isn’t the best option. As they are not safe for keeping your coins. Transactions are the target mines of hackers to carry out the mischievous acts.

Taking measure of security, you should as well consider the privacy in the selecting of your preferred wallet. In this case choosing a top anonymous bitcoin wallet detaches your funds and balance entirely from your data. This can prevent you from tracing or tracking, but as a matter of fact, Bitcoin is one of the inventories of the digital world. You can’t stay completely anonymous because some of your footprints would be left over to be traced. The digital world also made it possible for a quite tricky to complete your anonymity. It includes the use of VPN, private proxies or secure browsers with custom location option.

Top 7 anonymous bitcoin wallets rating

Considering the level of privacy in selecting a Bitcoin wallet, here are the top 10 wallets to use, rated on anonymity.


    Developers have designed specially for Bitcoin users to make Bitcoin completely private and anonymous. The dark wallet official websites state the wallet to be in beta, while the social GitHub pages show they are in alpha mode. Taking a close look at their GitHub repo, with no information or updates about the Darkwallet project in over a year and a half now, I believe the project is currently off.

    Dark wallet guarantees total full-time anonymity and privacy. And as well ensures stealth payments and CoinJoin mixing, supporting multi-signature cooperative wallets, web integration and Escrow that guarantees your privacy.

    This anonymous Bitcoin wallet is only available for Google Chrome users in the form of a plug-in. You can get it either from dark wallet official website, GitHub or Google Chrome extension store. One has to be cautious because a lot of complaints from users about bugs and transaction taking longer than stated in the blockchain. Which cause long delay and sometimes loss of funds, making the wallet not safe for use.

  2. MULTIBIT can be regarded as a newbie desktop wallet for new Bitcoin users, offering a high level of anonymity. The wallet has been running successfully for more than a year. With some reports about unfixed bugs which tends to be unprecedented. With the decentralized wallet features, with no sever fixes, it enables its users to enjoy a proper level of high privacy. Users can keep private contacts and payment information database for future reference.

    The multibit wallet is available on Desktop for Windows, OSX and Linux users. And anyone can download it from its official webpage.

  3. JAXX is a multi-coin wallet and at the same time a profile keeping Bitcoin wallet. It allows users to store multiple coins, and as well protect personal information from leaking from its database. Jaxx made a name in the year 2016, with fully encrypted transactions with maximum account security.

    To be more convenient, Jaxx ensures the complete anonymity of it users and do not request for personal information like name, e-mail address, phone number, country while signing up for an account. It will generate a private key only for you, and then will tell you clearly to keep it safe and personal. Users can as well switch coin balances from one currency to another on the same screen with perfect synchronization of balances. The wallet can be used on an Android and IOS smartphones or tablets having one of the best cryptocurrency app, and is available on Desktop, via Google Chrome Extension and can be downloaded from the website webpage.


    Just like the Jaxx wallet, is also a multi-coin anonymous wallet for storing several altcoins. It allows you to save different coin and provides maximum privacy. Your personal information is as well not required to get an account. Transactions are encrypted to ensure your data are not disclosed to the general public, information like your IP address is not visible which makes you are untraceable.

    A private key is always generated for new users signing up, in which the private key is to be kept personal and not to be shared with the general public. And also, if you won’t back up the private key you won’t be able to retrieve it. Which denote the loss of your funds as soon as your private key is los. You can have your private key back up on your computer, Google drive, personal email accounts to ensure that you can collect them when needed and use in the restoration of account.

  5. ELECTRUM is a top recommended wallet by several members of its community, claiming the wallet to be a top notch. It made its name in the year 2011, has ever since then, serving it users the best was the optimum goal. The wallet’s creators have set it up on a Trails operating system (OS) providing full-time privacy for it users. After several complaints about bugs, Electrum wallet developers have successfully fixed most bugs complained of by users and ensure they give the best to their users.

    Electrum has as well taken the priority of protecting the privacy of users in such a way that you do not need to enter your data before you obtain a personal wallet with the Electrum Wallet. No KYC (Know Your Customer) to access your funds, no IP association. No Identity linking, no transaction tracking as you are anonymous to both the system and other users.

  6. BITLOX is a hardware wallet for Bitcoin transactions. With the wallet technology type, users can create over 50 wallets. And at the same time generate about a million addresses on each account. The wallets are endlessly created in such a way that a wallet address cannot be generated twice as address combination differs and new ones are generated.

    BitLox ensures both maximum security and as well an entirely anonymous wallet to store Bitcoin for the transaction. To make things more interesting, you can as well use BitLox hardware wallet  offline in the absence of a data connection. BitLox is a highly recommendable, secure and profile keeping anonymous bitcoin wallet.

  7. SAMOURAI is a new anonymous bitcoin wallet out there with some key features to total privacy. This wallet was successful in its beta version. And – has proceeded to it alpha version, made available for users world wild. Developers built it specially with the primary aim of anonymity to it users. The wallet is currently available for android users alone. Which not to be certain, as the IOS and Desktop versions are expectable.

    The wallet protects it users in such a way that each time you receive a payment from any external wallet it generates a new wallet address for you to prevent transaction tracking. More also, you are as well notified and called for action whenever you make payment multiple times to a single wallet address. Furthermore, this will help to avoid double payment or to tell you if your account has been compromised.

    Taking the Samourai anonymous Bitcoin to the next level, the wallet includes some of the required tools to stay completely anonymous to be inbuilt into the app. The wallet comes with a Tor and VPN which enables you to change your country to any location. Which is the perfect solution to solve the IP tracking. Also, it has a built-in blockchain obfuscation which completely hides your identity from both the system and other users. No KYC (Know Your Customer) to access your funds, no IP association. No Identity linking, no transaction tracking as you are anonymous.



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