Making money with Bitcoin

  • 09.04.2018
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New technologies promise new opportunities. And people are really interested in how to make money with their help. The list of earning opportunities using Bitcoin is quite large. Some of the methods do not require financial investments, most are based on them. The principle that unites all types of making money with bitcoin is that the more you invest (strength, time, knowledge, computing power, money, etc.), the more you can count on.

Making money with bitcoin WITHOUT using your own funds

The options considered below are the simplest and most accessible for the vast majority of people. In order to use them you need to register on the resource and specify the Bitcoin-address for the output of what you can earn. Another common feature for such sites is that they allow to withdraw only a certain amount of Satoshi to your own account, usually it starts from several thousand.

Warning! Such sites can be fraudulent. When you accumulate an amount sufficient to withdraw, it may be that the withdraw button is unavailable or you will lose access to your account.

Usually, the reviews describing these sites can be objective. This is due to the fact that the referral program is actively used on them. Going by the link specified in the review, you become a member of the text author’s team and from your activity he will receive income.

We pass directly to methods to make money with bitcoin without financial investments.

Viewing ads

On these resources you are offered to view ads in the active browser window. Fee is paid for time spent on viewing the site.

These sites have two main disadvantages:

  • low income – 3 to 30 satoshi, depending on the amount of viewing time needed;
  • quickly ending proposal – the whole day to click on the view will not work, there will not be enough sites.

Cranes (faucets)

Cranes are the resources on which Satoshi are paid once in a certain period of time (usually 1 hour). You go to the site, solve captcha, click on the button. The site produces something like a lottery. It is indicated that you can win from the minimum number and up to a certain number. Usually the minimum amount falls out, it is extremely rare that the value is slightly higher.

The sites from bitcoin faucet list offer gambling, where you make bets from the money you have earned, you can try to win something. Maybe you are lucky, but according to statistics usually bitcoin casino wins.

Completing tasks

There are resources where you are invited to perform tasks, for example: solve captcha, answer questions, register on the specified resource, “like” something or watch a video. There are also more complex tasks. Payment depends on the complexity of the task. I found that completed tasks, for example, the completion of the questionnaire, sometimes are not paid for. After completing the answers to the questions, it was reported that “Thank you, but you do not suit us” and that’s all.

Text writing

On some forums, blogs, cryptocurrency sites and other financial resources their owners pay for posts, articles, videos. But it is required to have a high rating on forums to do that. And on other resources – you should be well versed in the topic. Here the payment is much higher, but it takes much longer.


Many fintech startups before the start of the crowdsale stage are conducting an extensive advertising campaign. During this period they pay good money for texts, videos, posts, subscriptions to channels and news, translation of texts and documentation, and much more. Such activities are limited in time.

The downside can be considered that participation in the promotion of the start-up will be paid for not in Bitcoin, but in the new crypto currency that they generate. In this case, you can not immediately exchange coins for Bitcoin, you will have to wait until they arrive at your address. This process can be delayed.

Referral programs

Such a program is understood as involving people to a resource where they will register and will use it. For example, you write reviews cryptoexchanges and provide links to register on these resources, which includes your referral code. With every person who registered with your code and started trading on the exchange, you will receive some percentage of his turnover. You will be paid by the exchange. The more people you attract, the more favorable conditions will be for you and the more you can earn.

In fact, it’s network marketing. You create your own team, which makes money for you.

Work in the fintech project

If you are a good specialist, you can team up with a project or get a job in a company that functions in the field of financial technologies. The level of income directly depends on your qualifications. In the conditions of a shortage of specialists, you will receive very good money.

Making money with bitcoin using your own money

There is wide field of opportunities: from trading on the exchanges to sale of goods and services for bitcoins.

Making money on your own resource

You can create your own website or blog (video blog), where you will publish interesting information about crypto and Bitcoin in particular. If you manage to attract a lot of readers, then advertisers will become interested in your site. The level of income in this case will depend on the popularity of your resource. To make money with bitcoin, you can even create your own bitcoin crane.


If you have funds invested in Bitcoin, you can earn on resources offering peer-to-peer exchange. These are sites where people can exchange Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency or fiat money. The principle is simple enough: for example, someone wants to know how to buy bitcoins anonymously for dollars. He makes an order on such a site with an indication of the quantity and the expected price. Having seen the application, you confirm that you are ready to exchange this amount at the specified rate.

The organization and technical details may differ, but usually for the security of the exchange deposit accounts are used.


Mining is the process necessary for Bitcoin’s blockchain functioning. In order to make good money on mining, large financial investments are necessary.

The largest part of the costs are expenses for mining equipment. The most efficient for Bitcoin-mining is specialized equipment, so called ASIC-miners. You can also use the graphics processing units of video cards.

A significant amount will also be spent on electricity. Mining is an energy-intensive process and it is desirable that it goes continuously. Check out more info here.

There are different types of mining: single, mining in pools and “cloud mining”. The latter option does not require purchase of equipment, since you lease the it from other miners or pools. But there is a great risk, because many cloud services for mining are fraudulent schemes.


This is making money with bitcoin by trading on cryptoexchanges. The principle is simple – buy cheap, sell high. It is easy to say, but difficult to do. This, perhaps, is the most risky way to earn money. But it can bring the greatest income.

Trading is a very specific activity that requires not only knowledge and ability to analyze and predict the situation, but also a certain character the ability not to succumb to emotions and treat losses calmly.


Making money with Bitcoin is not really as simple as it might seem. It requires a person to invest something in the process – time, strength, skills, knowledge, money. But to get a high income all these components are needed.



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