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  • 09.04.2018
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Cryptocurrencies and, in particular, bitcoin, have become the biggest hype of the past year. So, it is not surprising that today the internet is full of various “hacks” for getting “free” bitcoins. But are they working and how exactly “free” are they?

We can divide all free bitcoin hacks on the World Wide Web into three groups.

  1. Ways of hidden (usually) mining on other’s hardware.
  2. Ways to earn cryptocurrencies not related to the investment of own funds.
  3. Advertising of paid, but supposedly cheaper methods of cryptocurrencies extraction.

Free bitcoin hack to use hardware of others

Is here someone who has not heard about mining viruses? Usually, though, they mine altcoins. The most famous is Monero. This method allows you to get crypto indeed, but … First, you do not get the virus for free (if you do not create it yourself). Second, even if you buy one, you will most likely get a hidden miner on your computer, not someone else’s. And third, it’s illegal, quite rightly persecuted and very harmful to the crypto community in general.

Another popular option is used by owners of websites and blogs – to implement JavaScript, which will “mine a little bit” on the visitor’s computer while he is viewing the site. It is somewhat less disgusting than the previous method, and there is a chance of finding a working script for free. But if visitors can’t see a warning about this – it’s frankly dishonest and users do not like such attitude. Besides, Google can impose sanctions on the site with the miner, so the number of visitors may fall dramatically.

And various programs that promise to “generate” a dozen bitcoins on your wallet balance “out of thin air” are all obvious scams without a single exception.

Getting bitcoins as payment for services

Today payment in cryptocurrency can be obtained almost for anything on the Web.

Bounty-campaigns, payment in bitcoins and other tokens for writing articles, translations of ICO-related documents and similar services have long become habitual for crypto community.

But lately, more unusual services have been gaining in popularity, including “dating for bitcoin.”

You can get some cryptocurrency (and sometimes quite a lot) in this way, but can this be called a “hack”?

Also, bitcoin faucet lists can be attributed to the same category. Many resources also try to promote them under the guise of “hacks.” But in fact, this is a way to spend a lot of time, getting a mere penny in return.

Yes, of course, there is an example of a Raiblocks faucet where people received XRB tokens for solving the captcha. After two years and rebranding (now token is called Nano), the price skyrocketed from $ 10 for 10 thousand XRB to $ 20 per token (and for now the price stabilized at 5.77 dollars). But … How many faucets “skyrockets”, like Raiblocks, and how many remain a fruitless investment of time and energy?

Not-so-free «hacks»

Often, there are advertisements of various services for mining and other methods of cryptocurrency extraction under the guise of free bitcoin hack.

It is especially true of cloud mining services providers. They try to sell their services, telling that the contract with them is so much cheaper than a mining farm that you can call it “free.” They, of course, do not tell that the received amount of crypto is also quite smaller.

Here you can also include the advice to “get free bitcoins” “just” by assembling a mining farm. Which stands in your closet and gathers dust, and you cannot guess what it is for. However, such advice is often accompanied by a link to a second-hand mining rig for sale, which the owner “gives away almost for nothing” or directly to mining equipment retailer site. You can use much more convenient options by choosing the easiest cryptocurrency to mine.

In general, if you are promised “free bitcoins” first, and then are asked to “pay a little” – this is a VERY good reason to be on the alert. And in general, it is extremely naive to hope for free bitcoins now, when everyone has already realized that cryptocurrency is not a “geek game,” but a serious business.



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