How to buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously

  • 27.02.2018
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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen a significant growth over the past few years. More people are using these currencies as a legal tender, unlike when it first started some years ago. Although the cost of buying and selling bitcoins fluctuates, this has not stopped people from investing in it. A lot of people think bitcoin is the future of money and it’s an opportunity. However, keeping your data safe has always been a thing to keep in mind. That’s why people now want to buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously. If you are one of them, keep on reading. 

It is worthy of mention that a lot of huge names and huge banks are now trying to get into bitcoin. So there is a lot of potential to make great amount of money. For individuals who are not familiar with the whole idea, all you need to know is that bitcoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies you can find out there. Which is due to the fact that more cryptocurrencies are now available. It is also important that the value of bitcoin is “perceived”. Which means it goes as high as people are willing to pay for it. When you buy or sell bitcoin, all the transaction is recorded between a network of bitcoin users, which makes it very hard to have fraud.

Buying bitcoins

Owning bitcoins is simply considered as a way to save money and often make profits. Which depends on its current value on the market, at any given time. There are several ways to own bitcoins, with the popular being by mining or buying with cash. Most individuals simply consider mining to be tedious and time consuming, which makes buying with credit card a better option. Unlike other products you buy with a credit card, buying bitcoin is a bit different. Because you need to go through the verification process, which often takes a reasonable long period of time to complete. There are some options available for individuals who wish to buy bitcoin using their credit cards, without going through the verification process. As well as there are anonymous Bitcoin wallets that allow you to store your crypto cash safely and conveniently.

Ways to buy anonymously

Most people get discouraged with the thought of buying bitcoins comes to their mind. Which is due to the fact that you have to wait to be verified, upload your ID, you have to upload your passport, put in a social security number. And there is a whole process that you have to go through in order to get verified before you can even buy bitcoins. So, when you need to buy bitcoin instantly without any verification, it is very possible. When you need to buy Bitcoin with credit card anonymously, you can start by checking out

Keep in mind that you can buy both bitcoin and ether on this website with no verification. Which makes the transaction faster. With over 1 million satisfied customers, CoinMama provides instant transactions to several people who wants to buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously. All you need to do is create an account, get your credit card. And then – place your order on your CoinMama dashboard. Keep in mind that this process is pretty straightforward since the idea is to get your bitcoins within the shortest possible time. Buying from CoinMama gives you the option of either paying with a credit card or paying with MoneyGram cash. This basically means the payment method is very flexible and anyone can use it.

After specifying the amount, you wish to buy, you should fill out your credit card information, your bitcoin wallet address, and all you need to do is confirm the payment, which should go through, without any problems. This comes in handy when you need to get bitcoins as quickly as possible without going through the verification process. Other providers such as, require complete verification, which might even take days or weeks. CoinMama has some limitations with regards to the amount of bitcoins you can buy without verification. However it is still a good way of getting the cryptocurrency instantly.

Buy from Local Bitcoins

It is a well-known fact that people are looking for how they can get bitcoin without going through the verification process. The first option is to opt for local bitcoins, has buyers and sellers in most cities around the world. When it comes to buying from there you can meetup with someone to pay cash, send the money through PayPal, or you can arrange to deposit cash at his or her bank branch. It is a well-known fact that the demand for bitcoins is on the rise. And being able to buy the cryptocurrency without any form of verification is an added advantage. You can achieve this goal by buying from Local Bitcoins.

Mycelium Local Trader

Another option you can use for buying bitcoin without any form of ID, is to use Local Trader. This is a capability, which is built into the Mycelium smartphone application. Users from any part of the world can use it. If you are new to using Mycelium, then all you need to know is that it utilizes the GPS system on your phone. It shows you everyone close to you who sells bitcoin using Local Trader. This is a very effective way to buy bitcoin anonymously. Since the transaction is carried out without any form of verification or ID. Sellers of the bitcoins determine fees and you exchange cash using credit card or any method preferred.

Buying from Wall of Coins is one great way to buy bitcoin anonymously, which is available in most countries today. Basically, a bitcoin seller, who can provide you with a bank account number, close to where you live. After you make a payment, Wall of Coins is the escrow, and it sends the bitcoin to your bitcoin address. Just like the other options for buying bitcoins anonymously, using the services provided by Wall of Coins can save you from wasting time on verification.

LibertyX is another way to buy bitcoin with no ID. It is worthy of mention that it is available at many convenience stores across many cities. Buying bitcoin with LibertyX is very easy as you don’t need ID and can simply locate a store online, to make payments and get your LibertyX code, which you will use as an evidence of payment, to get bitcoins in return. Keep in mind that the service fee for using LibertyX is 1%, but LibertyX takes no charge for your first $1000 worth of bitcoin, if you sign up using Facebook. LibertyX has seen tremendous acceptance in the US and other countries, which is due to its ease of use.

PAXFUL is another service, which some kind of similarity to Wall of Coins, in that bitcoin sellers whose banks has a branch close to where you live. The sellers basically provide you with their bank account number, and you make a deposit in exchange for bitcoins. It is worth mentioning that the service is also available globally, since they also accept other forms of transfers. Bitcoins owners determine the price, while PAXFUL acts as escrow.

Why buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously

Consumers are looking for a way to store their buying power to protect themselves from having bank accounts frozen for indefinite periods of time. Many people started trading in Bitcoins. This is a crypto-currency, which means it cannot be easily counterfeited. But before anyone starts buying into this new currency it would be prudent to understand the risks.

For individuals that are into buying and selling bitcoins, it is common knowledge that any central bank or government don’t issue these digital currencies. Which basically means there is no accountability when it comes to transactions carried out. On the other hand, if you are using currencies such as Dollars, Euros or Pounds, it is clear that you have some limitations as the government behind it can determine what happens to the currency. Things like politics and other factors can influence exchange rate and international value. Using bitcoin is different, since there are no regulations that can limit your transactions to any country you wish. This has made more people to appreciate this cryptocurrency. As it can save them from paying unnecessary bank charges for transactions.

In addition to the advantage of the absence of transfer charges, bitcoins also comes with a less possibility of theft. Since they are stored inside a digital wallet that can be encrypted on your computer. This simply implies that you need to secure your computer all the time. As someone with the right kind of skill can take your cryptocurrency if they gain access to your device and bitcoin address. It is not like a credit card where you can get a replacement and contact your bank to take care of things for you.

In addition to using the options provided above, for buying bitcoins anonymously, you can always checkout your local meetup, to see if there are any meetups on crypto and how to buy bitcoin without using any ID. One thing that is for sure is that people are always buying or selling bitcoins out there. Which means you can even get a discount when you buy locally or online without any verification. So make sure you ask around for tips and information about where to buy near you.



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