How to sell Bitcoin in Canada

  • 03.04.2018
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Canada is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. However, even here, the possibility to use cryptocurrency as payment of goods and services has limits. So the need to sell bitcoin in Canada arises regularly. Fortunately, we have a relatively wide range of tools at our disposal to do this.


It is difficult to find a person interested in bitcoin, who hasn’t tried his hand at a cryptocurrency exchange in Canada at least once.
You can sell bitcoins for US dollars on many different trades, for example, on Coinbase or Kraken. It is perhaps the simplest way to get fiat money for crypto. After that, you will only need to exchange USD for CAD in a traditional bank. The main drawback of this method is the loss of the difference in rates when exchanging fiat currencies. Or did you think that banks will change your money for free?

Therefore, exchanges, where cryptocurrencies are traded in pairs with the Canadian dollar and the withdrawal of the national currency, is available are much more attractive. For a long time, the leading position in Canada was occupied by the platform.

This platform offers to receive Canadian dollars in exchange for crypto, but also has the lowest fees among all Canadian crypto exchanges. Also, the withdrawal of funds from QuadrigaCX occurs within a day. Except for a wire transfer, which takes up to 5 days, as usual.

Instant exchange services

In addition to traditional exchanges, there are also services for instant cryptocurrency exchange, for example, or

These services allow not to waste time on identification. Which also will appeal to those who do not want to be spotted with the cryptocurrency once again.

This type of service is by far the easiest one. It is enough to enter the address of your wallet, the amount of coins you want to sell and choose the payment system through which you want to get your money.

However, international systems face the same problem as exchanges, where the bitcoins can be sold for US dollars – then they will have to lose a lot on exchange for the national currency.

To sell bitcoin in Canada, however, there is a very convenient platform with the “creative” name “Canadian Bitcoins.” It allows you to transfer CAD to your account or to pick up cash. And cash you can either pick up personally (in Ottawa) or receive by mail. And if you sold bitcoins for more than 1000 CAD – the service will take over the cost of sending cash via mail service,

As a result, an amusing cycle has formed in Canada – the Canadians buy Cryptocurrency mainly on or, and sell on


Some Bitcoin-ATMs allow not only to purchase bitcoins but also to sell them, getting cash “here and now.” However, they are installed only in large cities, e.g. bitcoin-ATM in Toronto, and so far, only one-third among them works in both directions.

P2P Services

Many crypto-enthusiasts prefer to trade directly with each other, without intermediaries. For this, there are many services that bring potential sellers and buyers together. The most famous of them is, which gathered a lot of sellers and buyers of cryptocurrency in one place. Moreover, the functionality of the service allows you to limit the search for potential buyers to residents of Canada or even your city, after which it will be possible to agree on the arrangement that suits you both. You can even agree to meet in person.

However, you can find a person ready to buy your coins, on the other side of the globe and make a deal online.

Search for buyers on thematic forums

You can also find a buyer on thematic cryptocurrency forums. You can try using large international sites like But there are many more chances to find a counterparty for the deal in local communities, such as site. Here, in the Buying / Selling Bitcoins section, both issues of work on exchanges and transactions between forum users are discussed.

Well, of course, there is also an option to go out and shout “Sell bitcoins!”, But the effectiveness of this method we do not guarantee.


When making P2P transactions, there is a risk of fraud – you take all risks associated with the purchase. If you are planning a personal meeting with the buyer, then there is a danger of an assault and robbery attempt. The probability is minimal, but such precedents have already been recorded, so it’s better to make appointments in crowded places.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites

That’s right. You can use bitcoin as a deposit method in bitcoin casinos. Then you receive the fiat money as a win. Of course, you should be lucky to get the winning.?


Canada is one of the easiest countries in terms of selling Bitcoin for national currency. It is partly explained by the fact that the legislation on cryptocurrency has long been working here, partly – by the widespread adoption of Bitcoin, and partly by well-developed Bitcoin infrastructure.

That’s why you have many methods of cryptocurrencies selling – from crypto exchanges to a personal meeting with the buyer. Generally, to sell bitcoins in Canada is not much more complicated than to sell some foreign fiat currency.



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