Bitcoin Cash faucet – how to earn online

  • 28.02.2018
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If you missed the Bitcoin windfall when it was cheap to purchase, there might be another way for you to accumulate Bitcoins without having to fork out over ten thousand dollars to get one Bitcoin. Or even paying a single dollar in fact. You mean I can get Bitcoin without having to pay anything? Yes, with a bitcoin cash faucet you can!

With a Bitcoin cash faucet, you can accumulate Satoshi which is a hundredth of a millionth Bitcoin cash (BCH).

But what really is the Bitcoin cash faucet? A BCH faucet is a website or application that works on a principle of rewarding participants with Satoshi after they complete a task or a captcha, or whatever the website or app direct them to do.

We can also describe Bitcoin cash faucets as a type of website or app that gives away small amounts of Bitcoin to its users as rewards for completing any task the website assigns to them.

Other faucets also exists that dispense other types of cryptocurrency, making the faucet a great and interactive way of introducing a new person into cryptocurrency. The faucet is sometimes one the first Bitcoin or cryptocurrency transaction experience a newbie will make in the field of cryptocurrency.

It was Gavin Andresen who created the flagship Bitcoin faucet. It happened in 2010, and at that time it gave out 5 Bitcoin as reward, the reason for that was to spread the awareness of the first cryptocurrency.

How does a Bitcoin faucet operate?

When you sign up to a faucet, you are required to do a certain task, complete a captcha, or play a game. After task completion you are rewarded with free Satoshi, usually more than 1000 Satoshi for some faucets, or more for others.

The amount of Satoshis distributed to users by a Bitcoin faucet can either be a fixed amount, or randomly distributed. The latter is a commercial strategy used by majority of Bitcoin faucets out there. It makes the user have expectations of winning the maximum amount of Satoshis someday, and this motivates him to come back more often to try his luck.

These Satoshi are deposited directly to the Bitcoin wallet you provided. The little amount of Bitcoin you get from these faucets has a high fluctuation rate as the Bitcoin is very volatile.

To minimize the mining fees these Bitcoin faucets accrue, faucets save up the minute individual payments in their own ledger to make the payments larger, the rewards are then sent to successful individual’s wallets.

Purpose for creating a Bitcoin faucet

A Bitcoin faucet serves many purposes, which includes:

To Get Traffic:  Faucets are high traffic generating websites, getting a huge number of people to a site that literally gives away free money is not really a grueling task. So if you want to build a site that attracts lots of traffic for you to promote a Bitcoin service that will appeal to Bitcoin users, what better way to do it than in a Bitcoin cash faucet where there is huge traffic of Bitcoin minded people.

To Introduce New Users To Cryptocurrency:  Bitcoin faucets is a great way for beginners to familiarize with cryptocurrency and investing. Majority of Bitcoin faucets provide new users with detailed information on various coins. They may also distribute free coins so they can “have a feel” before they can decide whether they want to invest in cryptocurrencies or not.

Bitcoin faucets is a great way to increase awareness, and get more people to know best cryptocurrency to invest in.

For Profit: Bitcoin faucet owners make money  by placing ads on their website, since these sites generate a lot of traffic on a regular basis. Making money off a Bitcoin faucet is more difficult now than it was in the past.

When the Bitcoin faucet system just appered, it was easier to make money from Bitcoin faucets. But now, with the emergence of thousands of Bitcoin faucets, it is a lot harder making money from a Bitcoin faucet.

Advertising is a proven method for making money from Bitcoin faucets. Adding additional and more engaging content to your Bitcoin faucet app or website is another great idea on generating additional income with a Bitcoin faucet.

How do Bitcoin faucet owners get the money to pay users?

As we said in the previous subheading, one of the main purpose while people create a Bitcoin faucet is to generate income. So how do these faucet owners make money with their Bitcoin faucets?

By Placing Ads. One of the most popular way faucet owners make money from their Bitcoin faucet is by placing adverts on them. Google AdSense used to support adverts on Bitcoin faucets, but for reasons best known to them they have stopped it.

Apart from Google AdSense, there are still lots of options they can choose from, like Anonymous Ad or CoinAd.

Using Affiliate Links. The faucet owners will get a percentage on whatever amount of cryptocurrency they purchased. They do it by placing affiliate links on their Bitcoin faucet app or website. It redirects their users to either Coinbase or Poloniex or any other cryptocurrency exchange for them to get Bitcoin.

They can also place affiliate links of other websites that are not cryptocurrency related. If you as a user click on the affiliate link and make a purchase from the website, they get a percentage from that website they are promoting.

Using A Faucet Rotator: Another way faucet owners earn money from their Bitcoin faucet is to build a faucet rotator. Faucet rotators work by referring their users to another faucet.

This way, they can receive faucet commission from those other faucets.

The Bitcoin Faucet Referral System. The Bitcoin faucet operates a system that encourages users to introduce new users to the system. And they earn a percentage of whatever reward the new user gets from the system. This referral system is one way through which faucet owners generate massive traffic to their websites.

Popular Bitcoin Cash faucets

Here we will be looking at the popular, high paying and most reliable BCH faucets you can register on.

  1. Moon Bitcoin This faucet has for a long time been a consistent, reliable and high paying faucet. The interface is easy to understand, and it offers a really generous payment system. You can also claim your reward anytime you want, you just have to wait for five minutes.
  2. Bit Fun This is another fantastic Bitcoin faucet. Here you will find lots of offers and ways to earn extra Bitcoins.
  3. Free Bitcoin The list of top Bitcoin faucet cannot be complete without including Free Bitcoin. It features a hourly $200 Bitcoin prize. It has been consistent, it’s reliable, and draws one of the largest traffic to a Bitcoin faucet website.
  4. Moon Bitcoin Cash This Bitcoin cash faucet is one superb way to generate Bitcoin using a faucet. It gives three loyalty bonuses of up to 100%, and you can also mine the coins through coinpot.

If you’re are looking for a way to earn free cryptocurrency fast, without spending any money, or you’re a newbie to the crypto world, it is best you first get into a Bitcoin faucet.

It prepares you for the real world of cryptocurrency transactions. And prepares you mentally before you can invest your big bucks.



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