Toomas Allmere
Toomas Allmere
Moscow, Russia

Multifaceted finance executive with more than 25 years of experience across a diverse set of industries. Accomplished in strategic and operating planning, financial analysis and planning, cash management and coordination of banking, audit and business assessment activities. Adept at ICO (ITL) and blockchain technology, the examination and development of white papers, exploration of the economical models of token. Work in the advisory team of Consortium at McFly project. I am also a member of the ATFS Lab advisory team. A member of The British Blockchain Association.

Blockchain platform for mass urban aviation
I'm AeroConsultant
First and Only Ultralight Helicopte
ATFS ProjectICO Advisor
Join the Tokenized Food Revolution
Open the Window to the Real World
Decentralized infrastructure for city flights
DIW TokenAdvisor
Decentralize Security
Opu LabsAdvisor
Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence
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