Sally Eaves
Sally Eaves
WelltradoGlobal Strategy Advisor - FinTech Blockchain AI
Don't Let Whales Eat Your Crypto. Diversify.
Biometric tool for login, payment & verification
USATAdvisor, United Kingdom
Decentralising Innovation
Effect.AIPractising Professor of Blockchain, Founder and Global Strategic Advisor
Decentralized Network for AI
BazistaFinTech Advisor
For lady and mister!
Transferable Credit Card Rewards Point Token
MoneyTokenGlobal Strategy Advisor
A blockchain-based financial ecosystem
Project ShivomCo-Founder & CMO
The Next Era of Genomics and Healthcare
OmnitudeGovernance & Education Advisor
A blockchain middleware layer
ACUDEENBlockchain Technology Advisor
Decentralized Ecosystem For Movable Assets
NavibrationEmergent Technology CTO Official Member at Forbes Technology Council Global Strategy Advisor
Discover the World Like Never Before
ShivomCo-Founder & CMO
Shivom is powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology – by protecting identity, personalizing healthcare, transforming lives. Our blockchain based genomics and healthcare platform will allow the transition to value-based precision healthcare. Our focus is on the transformational convergence of OMICS technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable secure and personalized medicine with global scalability.
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