Peter Chen
Peter Chen
Fonder CEO of BigBang Token - A Global Marketing and Loyalty Platform for Gaming Entertainment Industry
Taipei Taiwan

A Blockchain-powered platform for gaming entertainment industry. “Play and earn loyalty points you can trade” into cryptocurrencies! For gamers and operators, we present a gaming platform – BigBang. This platform indeed is one-stop-shop for gamers across the globe to make the most out of their online gaming experience. This ecosystem benefits the users by incentivizing, improving all-in-all entertainment and gaming experience, reducing cost and by providing automated marketing for operators. The safety and robustness of blockchain are sufficient to draw seamless transactions. The blockchain also gives an opportunity for game distribution. Instead of reaching to centralized market, the game developers can directly reach consumers through this decentralized system. All gaming industry can benefit a lot from the BB Platform. The technology creates a secure, efficient and trustworthy platform for gamers worldwide without any central party interference. BigBang Platform is the most notable project using Blockchain technology as a medium for integrating of all gaming conetnts on the platform and offering loyalty points gamers can trade. For gamers across the world, it serves as a cross-service loyalty token, social gaming hub and an ultimate source of entertainment. On the other hand, for operators, BigBang is a self-regulated platform to integrate gaming services as well as CSM and CRM. Operators can easily interact with gamers. At the same time, gamers can get rewards and cashback through various activities. All in all, BigBang gaming platform powered by blockchain technology will prove to be a breakthrough in the online gaming industry. Gamers, sponsors and operators can make the most out of this decentralized secured gaming system. BigBang is a secure and transparent ecosystem that diversifies online gaming entertainment experience with a powerful technology.

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