Mikhail Gurevich
Mikhail Gurevich
Decentralized Anti-Counterfeit Platform
Artificial Intelligence For Websites
FoxytradeBlockchain developer
Loans Based Platform
xDeckMarketing Consultant
Crypto Online Gaming Based on Blockchain Technology
JobhireChief Communications Officer
Online Marketplace For Freelance Services
KsVirtualBlockchain developer
The company develops universal learning algorithms for recognizing and decoding brain signals, which allows to control wireless devices in real time. KsVirtual creates and tests its own mobile headset used to record and analyze brain signals and also creates an expandable database of decoded brain signals and maps suitable for multiple-user access and available to other developers.
LoanexBlockchain developer
Loanex is a P2P lending and investments platform with safety fund, especial verification system and cooperation with world-wide arbitrations.
CryptoGambleBlockchain developer
CRYPTO GAMBLE acts both as a casino and a platform where users will be able to launch their own games. Essentially, you can choose to play against us, other users, or create and host your own casino games. Cryptogamble LTD verifying transactions over blockchain ensures that no single player holds an advantage at any stage of the gambling process.
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