Miikka Saloseutu
Miikka Saloseutu
ICO Advisor | Serial Entrepreneur | Crypto Enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Investor | Founder Triplex Trading OU | Founder IcoTokenNews.com
Your Global Verifier
ImigizeCo-Founder at ICOTokenNews.com
Contactless Shoe Fitting in on-line shopping
YondoCoinStrategic Marketing Advisor
All-In-One Video E-commerce with AI
DeskBell ChainStrategic marketing advisor
Blockchain Platform of the Hotel and Tourism
The #1 Industrial Commodity Backed ICO in Asia
Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology
The P2P Sharing Ecosystem
3cCoinICO Advisor, ICObench Expert
Blockchain Option of Unique Construction Material
AgentMileSerial Entrepreneur | Blockchain Expert
Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate
OPP Open WiFiStrategic Marketing Advisor
WiFi, Free and Open for Everybody
ParkresBusiness Strategy Advisor
Parking Reservation System
CybercoiniumMarketing Advisor
Everything Begins With You
The Blockchain challenges Apple & Google
EMINENTStrategic Marketing Advisor
Token For BeepBeep Nation App
Tip BlockchainStrategic Marketing Advisor
User-Friendly Cryptocurrency
Hold Digital Assets Get Cash
Re Imagining Bitcoin and E-Commerce
A Decentralized Vehicle Platform
Time MoneyCo-Founder at ICOTokenNews.com
Utile NetworkAdvisor
Bringing It All Together for Asset Management
We'll Put the World On One Address
Gastro AdvisorAdvisor
Research, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants
Bringing Service Robots to Everyday Situations
Bitsive ExchangeAdvisor
The Worlds First Hybrid Exchange
NatminStrategic Marketing Advisor
Pure Escrow Services
A Cryptocurrency For An Everyday Use
SideraStrategic Marketing Advisor
Wearing the Future
CryptoLeafMarketing Advisor
Crowdfinancing a Better Environment
LibellumMarketing Advisor
Instant Supplier Verification
LoligoBusiness Strategy Advisor
World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem
Crypto Circle eXchangeBusiness Development Advisor
Crypto Exchange on the Blockchain
BRAVO PayAdvisor
A Mainstream P2P Cryptocurrency Payment Application
CoinolixMarketing Advisor
Crypto Currency Exchange
BRAVO PayAdvisor
BRAVO started in 2014 and set out to revolutionise the tipping and anonymous payment industry with their seamless mobile payment application. In 2017, BRAVO was featured on ABC's SharkTank and got a deal with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner. Since then, they have gained a significant amount of traction with tens of thousands of users and millions of dollars worth in transactions.
Cryptocoin InsuranceAdvisors
We Provide Your Efficiency for the Next Centuries
Adult X TokenICO Advisor
All-In-One Solution for the Adult Entertainment Industry
BitcoinBingICO Strategic marketing advisor and business advisor
BitcoinBing Exchange
Offshore Bank & Crypto Exchange
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