Jeff Pulver
Jeff Pulver
Crypto enthusiast
Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Russia
OUNAVice Chairman Alchemist, Founder MoNage, First Investor
Shaping the Future of Human Resources
Sirin LabsFather of VOIP, Monage Founder & CEO
Secure open source consumer electronics
Shopper profile built on the blockchain
CelsiusIndustry Pioneer
P2P Decentralized Lending & Borrowing Platform
The Future of Sports is Fan Controlled
WiFi mining with a higher purpose
Ledger Platform for Capital Markets
Blockchain Identity Clearing
Decentralized SaaS Econimic Ecosystem
Skrumble NetworkVOIP Pioneer. Co-Founder, Vonage
Secure Communication
Ubanx Is The First Blockchain Retail Place
This is the Internet, Decentralized
The Kudos ProjectADVISOR
WinMinerParticipates in a number of projects
The WinMiner platform (the alpha version of which currently has over 190,000 users) helps users monetise their unused computing power by mining the most profitable coin at any given moment with just 1-click. Earnings withdrawals are available from a wide list of easy payout methods (from Amazon gift cards to crypto). A Hash Power marketplace, followed by a “beyond mining” computer resource marketplace, will complement the WinMiner offering, driving the highest income for its users. The end goal is safeguarding the decentralization of cryptocurrency mining, while also bridging the “crypto gap” that is currently stopping the general public from adopting cryptocurrency.
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