Andreas Typaldos
Andreas Typaldos
Initial Exchange OfferCEO at Scalix Inc
Decentralized Cross-Blockchain Exchange Federation
Interplanetary Crypto Token ExchangeTakes part in this project only
ICTE is a cross-blockchain decentralized exchange comprised of a collection of regional cross-blockchain exchanges that reinvents the traditional model of crypto currency exchanges, and distributes clients to create a global liquidity pool which allows the secure and streamlined management of digital assets. ICTE benefits existing users of centralized exchanges as well as enabling a multitude of new users to run on its platform, such as: Utility Service Providers who offer products and services for digital assets, Wallet Holders wishing to make peer-to-peer trades, and Algorithmic and institutional traders. We encourage and actively seek out partnerships with qualified individuals to own and operate regional satellite exchanges in the ICTE community.
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