Connecting trademarks, retailers and customers

VALUS is a blockchain platform which will be based on Ethereum platform. VALUS will allow customers to verify items through QR code. The customers will get basic information about scanned items (VALUS Verify). In a case of purchasing an item customers can register ownership of that item (VALUS Ownership). If customers often buy items online, they can check whether the website where they buy is trustworthy. The existing customers can provide their experience and also the trademark can verify that website. (VALUS Website). Customers can also check if retailers sell genuine items. On the other hand, customers can help trademark to reduce the number of manufacturers that sell fake items and for reporting them, customers will be rewarded with VLS tokens (VALUS Store).

Short Brief about VALUS ICO Startup with a score of 5.7, and this report was written on 22 June, 2018.
Remember that the info you see right now may change.

ICO Startup was alive at 22 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 13 October, 2017, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 12 April, 2017 with Subject [ANN] [VLS] VALUS - Connection between Trademarks, Retailers and Customers.
Subject started by macrypto who now has 63 and the status Member on BT website.

Initial Coin Offering END DATE was 29 October, 2017

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging.

Company has 2 consultants, some of them:

Aleksander Vidmar ( Blockchain advisor ) who was seen in Initial Coin Offering EMMARES (Ambassador for Slovenia).

Artjom Bajdak
Blockchain advisor
Russian and Italian market
Q2 2017
Concept development
Q3 2017
Q4 2017
Q1 2018
VALUS platform
Q2 2018
VALUS Ownership
Q4 2018
VALUS Websites
Q2 2019
VALUS Stores
token info
Token Name VLS
Token Platform Ethereum
Ico Token Price 0.1000 USD
Ico Token Supply 51%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Accept Currencies ETH
Soft Cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 10,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas No restrictions
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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