UNIC Advertising Network

UNIC Advertising Network

Buy & Sell ICO Traffic

Unic Advertising Network aims to solve the problem of blockchain based startups wishing to get search traffic to their websites - for a lack of necessary compensation methods on one platform, companies divide the advertising budget divide several platforms and thus several times cover costs for advertising company setup and optimization on each platform. By means of a safe and economical arbitrage ecosystem based on blockchain and specialized on cryptocurrency traffic for startup's websites with Initial Coin Offering.

About UNIC Advertising Network
Short Brief about UNIC Advertising Network ICO PROJECT with a score of 7.0, and this report was written on 27 June, 2018.
Take note that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO PROJECT was alive at 27 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 29 March, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 24 November, 2017 with Subject [ICO] UNIC Advertising Network - Buy & Sell ICO Traffic with Cryptocurrency.
Subject started by UNIC-Network who now has 69 and the status Copper Member on BT website.

Startup END DATE was 27 June, 2018

ICO PROJECT has chosen Ethereum token staging.

Company has 3 consultants, some of them:

Slava Poskonin.

Richard Kastelein as Blockchain News who took part in these projects: ARTIS (Pre-ICO) (Advisor), iOlite (Advisor), Play2Live (Publisher, Entrepreneur, Tokonomist), True Flip (Co-founder of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) company CryptoAsset Design Group), STK (BLOCKCHAIN NEWS PUBLISHER)

Juan Otero (Booking.com). He was seen working at Concierge.io (Business Advisor) ICO PROJECT
Social Media Manager, Lawyer, Writer
PPC Management Specialist
Blockchain News
Smart-Contract Advisor
Q3 2017
Idea, research, team.
Q1 2018
Publication, announce, white list start, white paper release.
Q1 2018
UNIC Smart-contract finalized and tested.
Q1 2018
Q1 2018
Tokensale marketing company start.
Q1 2018
1st ICO round.
Q1 2018
UNIC Advertising Network specification and development starts.
Q1 2018
Tokensale marketing company.
Q2 2018
Product marketing company. 2nd ICO round.
Q3 2018
UNIC Advertising Network Alpha release.
Q3 2018
Testing and fixing bugs. UNIC Advertising Network Beta release. Exchanges allocations.
Q4 2018
UNIC Advertising Network launch.
Q4 2018
UNIC Advertising Network launch. Buyback program.
- Expanding at other arbitrage niches. - Company reorganisation. - IPO share allocation.
token info
Token Name UNIC Token
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 250,000,000 UNIC
Token Amount For Sale 165,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.1287 USD
Ico Token Supply 66%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Accept Currencies ETH
Soft Cap 2,500 ETH
Hard Cap 37,000 ETH
Restricted Areas USA, China
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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