A Global Blockchain Solution for Transportation

LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management is patented technology built to connect Shippers directly to Carriers, giving both real-time visibility and proactive control over every shipment — as well as cutting out expensive middlemen. LaneAxis is now building a blockchain solution to transform the transportation industry. The LaneAxis interaction platform leverages Blockchain technology, and more specifically, auditable immutability and traceability of records to act as a bridge between carriers, shippers, trucks, and regulators. AXIS tokens act as a provenance and trust protocol for data across disparate semi-trusting organizations. The platform is built over a high performance enterprise blockchain, with the AXIS utility token required for blockchain entry, IoTs installed in trucks, client side applications and integration platforms to integrate with legacy systems.

About LaneAxis
Short Brief about LaneAxis Initial Coin Offering with a score of 5.6, and this report was written on 8 July, 2018.

Bear in mind that the information you see right now may change.

Initial Coin Offering is alive and has 104 days and 12 hours left.

Startup END DATE is on 20 October, 2018 so be quick.

Initial Coin Offering has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 300,000,000 AXIS.

Company has 10 consultants, some of them:

Benjamin Finch ( Strategic Token Generation Event Advisor ) who was seen in Startup UpTick, Caviar (Strategic Advisor), Budbo (Strategic Advisor).

Kevin Morgan (Senior Corporate Advisor).
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain Engineer
ICO/Token Sale Manager
VP of Blockchain Integrations
Communications Director
Sales Team
Blockchain Data Scientist
Director of Business Development
VP of Trucking Operations
Blockchain Marketing Specialist
Sales Manager
Corporate Operations
Financial Strategy Team
Financial Strategy Team
Logistics Coordinator
Exchange List Agent
Blockchain Consultant
Strategic Advisor
Technology Advisor
Strategic Token Generation Event Advisor
Senior Technology Advisor
Strategic Advisor
Financial Advisor
Senior Blockchain Marketing Consultant
Senior Corporate Advisor
Marketing Advisor
July 2014
Filed patents around Real-Time Shipper-Carrier Optimization Platform
Q4 '2014
Started build team to build LA system
Q1 '15 to Q4 '15
System building and beta testing started
Q1 '2016
Sales meeting with major shippers
Q3 '2017
Launched, LA team assessing Blockchain for industry needs
Q1 '18
Budbo Pre-sale & Crowd sale
Q3 '2018
LA token site, pre-sale & crowd sale
Q3 '2018
Crowd sale ends
Q1 '2019
Lane Axis launches marketing initiatives to build the community
Q1 '2019
First shippers added to network to start beta testing "find available capacity", beta testing "real-time tracking" etc
Q2 ’2020
First predictive load matching
Q1 '2020
LA Freight payment is pushed to network for immediate payment to carrier from the token
Data sets pushed to block-chain: ETA prior load pick-up, verifiable arrivals, load confirmation, in-transit, etc Insurance block-chain beta testing Beta testing implemented for fuel token purchase inside the TC for discounts, rebates and rewards system
First shipper to post load for bidding into the network
First carrier to post available capacity into network
First predictive analytic reports generate traffic patterns, road repairs, route improvements, etc Global expansion Block-chain smart contract push load manifest to automated truck for first real-time load with the LA block-chain solution
token info
Token Name AXIS
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 300,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.1200 USD
Ico Token Supply 60%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC
Soft Cap 2,000,000
Hard Cap 300,000,000
Restricted Areas United States of America
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width - 270 px
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