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We are building the Most Sustainable and Most Complete Trading and Investment Ecosystem for our Coin (Kachingcoins) to be utilized. Our goal is to also create the most Utilizable coin on Blockchain. Not only will we have a Social Trading Platform (Kaching.Global) where traders can use their kachingcoins (KAC) to trade Forex, Stocks, Indices, Energy, Agriculture, Crypto and Precious Metal, but we will also have a Broker (Kachin.Market), a Crypto Currency Exchange (Kaching.Exchange), Finance and Trading Academies (Kaching.Education), R&D Labs (Kaching.Tech) and in the future, many more! Through utilizing our coin in our ecosystem in any of the components, we create a stable and constant supply and demand. Creating a strong supply and demand for a coin in a market of 5.3 Trillion US dollars, creates immense value for our coin.

About Kachingcoins
Short Brief about Kaching Initial Coin Offering project with a score of 6.6, and this report was written on 22 June, 2018.
Remember that the information you see right now may change.

Initial Coin Offering project was alive at 22 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 1 April, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 11 March, 2018 with Subject KACHINGCOINS ICO MOST SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEM CRYPTOCURRENCY FOR EVERYONE.
Subject started by Kaching-Coins who now has 8 and the status Newbie on BT website.

Startup END DATE was 30 April, 2018

Initial Coin Offering project has chosen Ethereum token staging and collected raise $1,977,728.
2015 - 2017: Project Foundation
- Idea creation, team forming, Kaching Global Fintech Ltd. was founded in London, UK. Company number 11095157.
February 2018: Token Private Sales
- Private round of token distribution for early adopters with 66% bonus in the amount of only 2 weeks.
March 2018: Token Private Sales
- The first and second open rounds for token release. Each round lasts for 2 weeks only. Buy with 33% bonus.
April 2018: Pre ICO
- The main 4 rounds of token release for the public. Each round lasts for 2 weeks only. Buy with 25% bonus.
May 2018: ICO
- Kaching Coin (KAC) started to be listed in internal and global exchanges, facilitate trading.
September 2018: Grand Launching
- Social Trading Platform, the first key element in the ecosystem where investors, traders, IBs share profit with each other.
Q1 2019: Massive Funds And Users
- Bringing in world class funds dramatically increases the profitability of the investors and the total value of the ecosystem.
Later On: The Most Complete Ecosystem
- Develop Acedemy, RnD Lab, Whole ecosystem and start sharing dividends to token holders.
token info
Token Name KAC
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 247,000,000 KAC
Token Amount For Sale 123,500,000 KAC
Ico Token Price 0.2000 USD
Ico Token Supply 50%
investment info
Fundraising Value $1,977,728
Accept Currencies ETH
Restricted Areas No restrictions
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width - 270 px
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