First cryptocurrency for construction industry

Bopti coin is the first Blockchain application dedicated to the construction industry. Following the successful introduction 6 years ago of its productivity software, Batopti has decided to leverage the potential of Blockchain technology to develop a global community of construction professionals. After completing its first round of investments earlier this year through the involvement of a leading insurance company. Bopti is launching its ICO on November 10th 2017.

About Bopti
Short Brief about Bopti ICO Startup with a score of 5.7, and this report was written on 22 June, 2018.
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ICO Startup was alive at 22 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 10 November, 2017, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 4 October, 2017 with Subject Bopti the first dedicated token to the construction industry #airdrop alert.
Subject started by qimon who now has 6 and the status Newbie on BT website.

Initial Coin Offering END DATE was 10 December, 2017

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging.
Partner and Communication Manager
International Development Manager
Certified Accountant
Financial & Strategy
Executive assistant
H-EQUITIES' advisor & Crypto Currencies Expert
Community manager
2017 October and November
We will start to communicate our Pre-ICO on October 13th, with the launch of our website through our Facebook page.
2017 December
We will announce our results, and distribute the tokens to our subscribers, our ambassadors and our partners. We will finalize negotiations to exchange our tokens on the greatest market place (Bittrex, Kraken, Binance, etc…)
Year 2018
We will start reinforce our technical and commercial team with the offices opening in: Europa, Asia, Africa, South America. Theses offices wil work to find partnership (constructions suppliers, bank, insurance, government and union organizations,…) and on the specific legislation in each country. We want to have more than 100,000 users on the second quarter.
Year 2019, 2020, 2021
These years will be devoted to developing the amount of users. We plan to have more than 3 million users, with an annual exchange of $600 billion per year. This will be our foundation to increase the value of the BOPTI.
token info
Token Name BOPTI
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 200,000,000
Preico Token Price 1 BOPTI = 0.001 ETH
Ico Token Price 0.4500 USD
Ico Token Supply ~66%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Accept Currencies ETH
Restricted Areas No restrictions
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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