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We Help our Clients Cope with the Ever-changing Demands of Regulation.
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As the blockchain continues to grow, with new initial coin offerings popping up every month, the legality of how regulations will be placed upon this new technological era is still under heavy scrutiny. Legal ICOs look to provide an answer to this new marketplace by addressing various sectors that deal heavily in laws, regulations, and commercial business. Initial coin offerings or legal ICO will revolutionize current and new smart contract systems, banking systems, digital inheritance systems, and more. These legal ICOs range anywhere from creating a pay to pay lending services such as SOFIN and digital inheritance systems like Safe Haven, to the application of smart contracts that are tailor-made and adapted to current regulatory constraints and challenges.

Through the use of blockchain, it is possible to provide legal services on the next level of security, converting massive paperwork in this industry to digital processing, adapting to more solid ways to protect intellectual and property rights, and consulting on blockchain appliance itself. Some of the most widely known ICO legal today include blockchain project like Safe Haven, SGAT, SOFIN, IDMoney, and the European Crypto Bank.

Our list features an extensive review of all major legal ICOs that are in active, upcoming, and ending project status. Our list also includes any ICOs legal that are in pre-ICO status. You are able to see a comparison list between all of the legal ICOs that are currently available and what their various ratings are. The list will provide you a rating out of ten and will give you access to what each project is about, what their current motto or mission is, and what social communities they have available. You will also be able to access all updated whitepapers, token information, and if there are any regional restrictions on each project. Additional information about the project’s financial situation, milestones reached, team profile, and an in-depth "about" section will provide you with enough information to get a good understanding of what each legal ICO is all about.

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