Our Complete List of Education ICO and Subsequent Ratings

Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts
Rate: 8 .6
start | 14 Sep, 2019
end | 31 May, 2020
Blockchain Based Educational Content Platform
Rate: 8 .1
start | 20 Dec, 2018
end | 19 Dec, 2018

Our current understanding of academic learning is typically associated with formal educational outlets such as post-secondary institutions like universities and colleges. We attend these institutions in order to garner an education that will assist us in leading a successful life in whichever career or passion we choose. However, as our world becomes more digital, the rate at which the information in our world changes is much too quick for formal or traditional educational methods to keep up. This is why continuous learning and blockchain education ICO have seen a huge surge in interest, as relying on old academic backgrounds is no longer an efficient way to live. With this said, e-Learning, ICO for education projects and online course completion have become a more mainstream option for individuals who want to continuously update their knowledge banks over the years. Blockchain technology is making this easier, by providing a ledger for education ICOs to record their academic transactions, such as assignment completion or journal publication. With this said, please see our full list of ICOs related to education.

The reasons behind why blockchain education ICOs are becoming relevant include the fact that they can simulate a knowledge and reward system, they can make credentials more trustworthy through encryption, and they can keep a safe and easy-to-access record of all academic transactions. This combats the huge issue of educational fraud, which would otherwise require intermediary mediums to ensure trust. Instead, the education blockchain ICO takes care of the trust as all information is verified through blockchain confirmations. Currently, there are a small number of ICOs for education purposes, but the number is growing, with projects looking to create academic and career development ledgers, educational platforms that pay you for learning, self-development platforms, and even blockchain game-based educational platforms that incentivize learning. The idea here is that education blockchain ICOs have the ability to make education more accessible and to motivate people to consistently learn throughout their entire life.

For more information about these ICO related to education, please check out each project’s corresponding whitepaper, status, token platform, and general information.

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