Detailed Communication ICO List

The Future of Advertising Transaction
Rate: 9 .7
start | 1 May, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Social community:
Rate: 9 .4
start | 15 May
end | 11 Nov
Social community:
Diagnosis of Cars on the Blockchain
Rate: 9 .2
start | 1 Sep, 2018
Social community:
Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts
Rate: 8 .5
start | 14 Sep
end | 31 May, 2020
UCBI Maroc Blockchain | Banking Worldwide
Rate: 8 .5
start | 18 Oct
end | 18 Jan, 2020
Era of Private Communication
Rate: 8 .5
start | 1 Aug
end | 31 Dec
The First Decentralized Competence Platform
Rate: 7 .9
start | 15 Jan
end | 11 Nov
Social community:
Empowering Growth With Economic Value
Rate: 7 .7
start | 23 Jun
end | 31 Dec, 2020
A Decentralized Machine Learning Infrastructure
Rate: 7 .1
start | 25 Aug
end | 20 Dec
Social community:
Texochat is Built for Crypto Users to Make Communication Easier
Rate: 7 .0
start | 10 Nov
end | 10 Dec
Transforming the World of Photography
Rate: 6 .5
start | 28 Oct, 2018
end | 25 Dec, 2018
Cyber Security Ecosystem
Rate: 6 .3
start | 1 Oct, 2018
end | 30 Dec, 2018
Decentralized Human Resource & Freelance Hub
Rate: 5 .9
start | 7 Sep, 2018
end | 9 Dec
Global Listing Exchange
Rate: 5 .8
start | 15 Jan, 2018
end | 14 Jan, 2018
Social community:
Be Rewarded for the Positivity You Bring to the Community
Rate: 5 .6
start | 1 Aug
end | 1 Nov
Trading platform of the future used through LiveLife
Rate: 4 .2
start | 1 Sep
end | 1 Mar, 2020
Social Media Dispersed Platform
Rate: 3 .9
start | 1 Nov, 2018
end | 15 Nov
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One of the major sectors that initial coin offerings are looking to innovate is the telecommunications industry. Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of several communication ICOs that are looking to bring fresh and innovative ideas into the market space. Although there isn’t too much yet in the way of real-world applications, there have been a few pilot projects tested which have spurred on the growing number of businesses interested in how blockchain and telecommunications could intersect with one another. The numerous communication ICOs that have been announced tend to lean towards providing new instant-messaging functions, SIM identities, or data related connectivity solutions. You can find some that want to resell data, provide new hardware platforms, create peer-to-peer connectivity platforms, or even provide smart contracts through telecommunications to consumers. All in all, some of the more interesting communication ICO ideas are centered around blockchain based message transferring, emotional intelligence, blockchain driven dating platforms, relationship registries, encrypted and anonymous chats, and even a credit ecosystem!

For more information on the current status of all current communication ICOs, please refer to our communication ICO directory above. Here you will find out what each current initial coin offering has proposed, what type of token they are planning on using, whether they are in active status, and what their rating is across all initial coin offering benchmarks. If you would like detailed information, click through the various projects to get in-depth information on what each communication ICO is about, who their team is comprised of, and what their current token value is.

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