Yogesh Trivedi
Yogesh Trivedi
Hong Kong SAR China

Yogesh is a trusted eCommerce market innovator and strategic blockchain advisor. His business approach to competitor driven market makes him trusted solution specialist. His experienced over eCommerce industry helped small to enterprise level of business to create sales drives eCommerce portals. His knowledge over b2b, b2c eCommerce and recent gain over blockchain consulting makes him a successful entrepreneur. He is a great listener over a issue or plan and that makes him a great speaker too.

Areas of Expertise:
? Partner relationship development
? Growth oriented business decisions
? Strategic business solutions based on market trend
? Conducting commercial negotiations. 
? Building eCommerce marketing strategies.
? Product development
? Blockchain Advisor
? ICO Strategies
? Crypto Investment
? Centralized Crypto Exchanges 
? Blockchian P2P

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