Tyler Sanford
Tyler Sanford

Full-time crypthusiast since late 2014.

Gambling Investment Fund
ImmVRseCommunity Outreach Advisor
Disrupting The VR Industry
HydroCoinICO Advisor
Clean energy for the blockchain era
PokerSportsBranding and Social Media Advisor
The Revolution of Fantasy Sports
SMARTRealtyCommunity Outreach
Revolutionizing Real Estate Transactions
CryptopusBranding and social media Advisor
Blockchain Based Asset Management Marketplace
SafeCryptICO Marketing & Branding Advisor
TraXionInternational Blockchain Community Advisor
Transitions You To A Crypto-Ready Society
FTECPart of 8 ICO’s raising $130+ Million. Strong knowledge of marketing experience with seven years of experience with Tech-Startups such as Yelp and Zenefits. TOP-50 from more than 25000 People on ICCbench.com.
First Trading Ecosystem
The Future of Organizations
ElysianMarketing Consultant
A Blockchain Ecommerce Platform to Build Websites
Proven Profitable IP Address Ecosystem
Merging Big Data, AI And Blockchain
EZ ExchangeProject Team Mentor
Crypto for All
Decentralizing Digital Billboards
CINDX8+ Years Digital Marketing in Yelp, Zenefits, etc.
Win on Winners. Automatically.
WatchUGotCampaign Manager
Competitive Fundraising with Blockchain
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