Slobodan Culum
Slobodan Culum
CEO of Smart City Eco

I can describe my self as a passionate Blockchain enthusiast devoted visionary and entrepreneur, i have gathered lot of experience in the cryptocurrency field and i can say for my self i can recognize the potential and great innovation ideas from the rest. I am interested to share my knowledge and to advise projects mostly how to avoid unnecessary expenses and to choose the right path not to learn on the mistakes, also i can provide u security advises for potential treats in crypto field and to make your information secure. I believe that with the great idea and with the right people with honest intentions behind the project, we can contribute to innovation progress and make every project successful. One of my most notable qualities is thinking outside the box and i believe i can help every project i choose that i can bring it to goal with minimum funding. As u know information is power and u either take the path your self and learn either u hire someone to help you avoid the mistakes and get to goal line safe.

Smart City EcoCEO and idea creator
Building smart solutions for online economy
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