Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
RxEALEditor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News
The latest way to profit from Rental Markets
Invest in BrokersMarketing Advisor
The Future Of Your Investments
Open Collectors NetworkEditor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News
The Future Protocol for One-of-a-Kind Tokens
TimeBoxChief Marketing Advisor
Decentralized custody service of digital assets.
Swachhcoin is Here to Help
CheckitsRealStrategic Advisor
Technology to Eliminate Counterfeit Products
CargoCoinSenior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews
Blockchaining Logistics
MEDICOHEALTHCryptocurrency Advisor
The Biggest Doctor-Patient Environment
Bringing Blockchain to Ticket Re-Sale
Platform on Blockchain for Group Investments
Dendritic Cell-Targeting Therapeutic Vaccine
An Integrated 360° Freelance & On-Demand Ecosystem
A blockchain wallet & a crypto exchange
The Democratization of the Freelance Economy
Crypto Uber for Knowledge Sharing
X8 CurrencyDigital Marketing
The ultimate safe haven for crypto investors
OnPlaceEditor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews
Become an Investor of Private Companies
Bringing trust & order into the ICO market!
Smart process bot
Welcome To The Moonlite Project
JincorMedia & Global Partnerships Advisor
Smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions
A digital marketing revolution on the blockchain
The First Blockchain Voting Poll System
ScriniumBusiness mentor and advisor
The Future of portfolio investment
aXpireOutreach Advisor
Empowering finance managers and administrators
Decentralized EscrowSenior Advisor Twitter
Global secure crowdfunding platform
IUNGO NetworkDigital Marketing Advisor
Global Wireless Internet Providing Services
AI and Blockchain enabled virtual platform
Earn Cryptocurrencies In Online Buisness Game
Decentralized Continuous Auditing & Reporting
ELPISAdvisor and Board Member
AI Trading Technologies on Blockchain
Asset TokenADVISOR
Transferable Credit Card Rewards Point Token
We Make Your Vacation More Comfortable & Cheaper
Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Blockchain
Token ChangerICO specialist
Financial DApps Platform
QUASAAdviser to the Board of Quasa
World Of Logistics 2.0
JOLYYBlockchain Influencer, Irish Tech News
The Blockchain Technology For Beauty Services
Join the cryptocurrency revolution
Loan BitAdvisor
Lending & Exchange Platform
ICO PassMarketing Advisor
Easiest way to do KYC checks
DaricoMarketing and Strategy Advisor
Monitor. Trade. Invest. Spend
BulltokenEditor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News
Let The Community Do The Work For You
CryptopusBlockchain marketing advisor
Blockchain Based Asset Management Marketplace
The World's Most Trusted Exchange
All simple and quickly as possible.
Changing the Global Container Shipping Industry
SandblockMarketing Advisor
Satisfaction Procol: Reward Consumers with Crypto
Saving Lives With Blockchain
Grow your crypto capital!
We Protect Money Invested in ICOs
The Future Of Insurance
A blockchain middleware layer
DatariusWriter, editor, ITO advisor, business mentor
The First Social Decentralized Cryptobank
TV-TWOEditor in Chief at Cryptocoin.News, Advisor. Experience: Mentor & Advisor in 20+ Successful ICOs.
Earn Crypto Watching TV
Ecosystem built through decentralized assurance
VestarinEditor at CryptoCoinNews, Irish Tech News, Top 1 member of the ICO Bench Experts. Business mentor.
Cryptocurrency market place for goods & services
DIW TokenAdvisor
Decentralize Security
Smart Trip PlatformBusiness mentor and advisor, top-ranked ‘People of Blockchain’ list, Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, well-known public speaker and global crypto community influencer
Blockchain-Enabled Ecosystem
BiNeuroEditor in Chief
Blockchain inside NeuroAdvertising Ecosystem
Marketplace of Ideas
WRIO Internet OSAdvisor
All You Need Is a Browser
Buy Tokens and Make Your Fortune with Us
TokpieBusiness mentor and advisor
p2p Cryptocurrency Fiat and Swap Exchange
PeoplewaveRenowned ICO Adviser
Revolutionise Recruitment
Bill Payments and Money Transfers
BolttCoinChief Strategy & Public Relations
Digital Health Coin
Bonafi (formerly known as Group Project)
The Ultimate Privacy Blockchain
GoneTrippinChief ICO Advisor
Make Every Trip an Adventure
ACUDEENInternational Blockchain Community Advisor
Decentralized Ecosystem For Movable Assets
FlipNpikPR advisor
Collaborative Social Media
SID TokenBoard Advisor
Share Internet Data
Multi-Functional Crypto-Exchange Platform
Data Revolution
BeatEditor, Founder, Investor, Speaker
Blockchain Meets Sports
DeNetAdviser, Ireland
Decentralized Data storage and Web-hosting
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities
Greek Food Corridors
BdaqWorld’s #1 Blockchain influencer
Tokens not Listed Yet? Sell Them with Bdaq
Bringing Banking to Blockchain
Utile NetworkFounder
Bringing It All Together for Asset Management
CryptoMillionsLotto#2 Crypto Expert on ICObench
Play and Win in Crypto
CryptassistAdvisor & ICO Consultant
Knowledge is Power
The Evolution Of Crypto Financial Management
ReMonetaMedia relations
Crypto to the Mainstream
SideraDigital Marketing Advisor
Wearing the Future
Connecting Creators, Consumers & Advertisers
First Decentralized Peer-to-peer Marketplace
GetDoItChief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT
The GetDoIt Service
ICO MaxCrypto media: Irish Tech News Ireland
Global Investment and Information Platform
TwogapEditor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News. Blockchain Advisor
Thriving Crypto Market by Cross-Exchanges
A Currency that Erases Boundaries of E-Commerce
The team behind the Lightcash project aims to solve the cryptocurrency volatility problem and become able to unlock all the advantages of blockchain technology by linking a cryptocoin to the real highly-demanded asset. This is why Lightcash’s own cryptocurrency (LCSH) is secured by real gold, mined from deposits in Russia.
LCCXParticipates in a number of projects
LCCX aim to become the most trusted crypto currency exchange in the world.
Gem4me Market SpaceADVISOR
The World’s Smartest Marketplace
FreeMarkPR Advisor
Asset Backed Stable Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Bitdollar FundICO Advisor, Europe
First Collectively Managed Fund
Pixel CharityAdvisor
Cryptocurrency Which Creates Charity
Block EstatesSenior Blockchain & STO Advisor
The Intersection of Real Estateand Blockchain Technology
Fidelity HouseAdvisor
Where Your Contents Become Tokens
Real Estate Developments & Dividends
Private. Secure. Decentralised.
A Crypto Alternative to eBay
Cura NetworkChief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT
The Global Decentralized Health System
CoinwareSenior Advisor
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
xCryptBoard Advisor
Future Proof
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