Rick Tapia
Rick Tapia
GPCC - Global Protected Crypto CopyrightBlockchain and ICO Consultant
Service for protection intellectual property
Gambling Investment Fund
HydroCoinBlockchain and ICO-Consultant
Clean energy for the blockchain era
NextPakkBlockchain Advisor
The Last-Mile Blockchain for Convenient Delivery
A decentralized, peer-to-peer wagering platform
TraXionInternational Blockchain Community Advisor
Transitions You To A Crypto-Ready Society
Smart Trip PlatformICO Analystics Expert
Blockchain-Enabled Ecosystem
Merging Big Data, AI And Blockchain
EZ ExchangeProject Team Mentor
Crypto for All
Your Cryptocurrency Friendly Current Account
EZ365Participates in a number of projects
EZ365 is a digital ecosystem is comprised of three integrated platforms: EZ Win a blockchain-based digital asset casino; EZ Exchange, a digital asset exchange; and EZ Academy, a blockchain/cryptocurrency educational platform for users.The EZ365 experience is simple, user-friendly and fun, so you can easily play, trade and learn with digital assets.
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