Per Lind
Per Lind
Plaza SystemsBusiness Development Advisor
Freedom Lifestyle
Bringing trust & order into the ICO market!
SelfKeyIOTA Founder
Identity Ecosystem
The Unique Liquidity Pooling Technology
ShivomCo-Founder and CSO
Shivom is powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology – by protecting identity, personalizing healthcare, transforming lives. Our blockchain based genomics and healthcare platform will allow the transition to value-based precision healthcare. Our focus is on the transformational convergence of OMICS technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable secure and personalized medicine with global scalability.
BIZpayeParticipates in several projects
BIZpaye is an established business trading in multiple countries whose merchants are already buying and selling goods and services using virtual style currencies, therefore bringing a virtual currency friendly ecosystem to the blockchain spanning many countries worldwide. BIZpaye is the first Barter Company in the world that uses virtual currencies to migrate to the Blockchain
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