Naveen Kapoor
Naveen Kapoor
Pushing the Boundaries of iGaming Innovation
DIPChainDIPChain Advisor
Global Art Digital Community Ecology
A CryFto Approach to TradTech Banking
GPM CarbonAdvisor
The Project Relates to The Real Sector of The Economy
BankDexICO Advisor
Decentralized Exchange
World's First Decentralized Media Platform That Incentivizes Its Ecosystem
PointPayICO Advisor
Blockchain-based Banking and Full Eco System
Digital Assets Trading Platform
A Compact Peer-to-peer Trading Platform
SNTXParticipates in a number of projects
SNTX will be a vehicle for the crypto traders to bring profitablity and liquidity in their crypto trading. This IEO is registered in Malta and it is going to be a gamechanger for each trader. Sentexchange is going to launch this token through a crowdsale, once this event is over, SNTX token will be listed on its parent platform. This platform has been introduced to drive crypto technology right into the mainstream and it is going to achieve this watershed with all its investors across the globe.
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