Keith Teare
Keith Teare
A decentralized Referrals Platform
CrypteriumExecutive Chair at Accelerated Digital Ventures
Your Money - Your Way
Decentralised Hiring Network & Career Ledger
SocialMedia.MarketExecutive Chair of UK venture company Accelerated Digital Ventures
Blockchain influencer marketing platform
Energi TokenAdvisor
Reduce Global Energy Consumption
Make Money Helping Others Save
Proof-of-progress for education.
IPStockBusiness development
Tokenize Visual Content Copyrights Management
Decentralized infrastructure for city flights
Blockchain in Telecom
Saving Lives With Blockchain
PatronAccelerated Digital Ventures/Executive Chairman, TechCrunch / founding shareholder
Influencer's Sharing Economy from Japan
IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem
Reward-Based Music Platform
Opu LabsAdvisor
Tokenizing Skincare Intelligence
Retail.GlobalThe co-founder of TechCrunch
Blockchain Global Commerce Solution
Gold Mining Assets
Bringing Security to All Digital Interactions
FluzcoinFounding Shareholder Techcrunch
The Intelligent Retail Currency
London Football ExchangeTechnology Entrepreneur
The World's First Football Stock Exchange
Meet ICOs 2.0
CINDXFounder and Executive Chairman of Accelerated Digital Ventures
Win on Winners. Automatically.
RecordBlockchain Advisor
The RECORD Project is attempting to re-create the economics of the music business in favor of the artist. By using the blockchain and the RECORD (RCD) token to measure and reward an artist for the use of their work, RECORD Foundation can be one of the first companies to succeed in removing the 16th Century system whereby an artist gives up most rights to a publisher and instead becomes their own publisher. Artists will be able to track where their music is being played and calculate the amount of usage and get paid.
HubTechCrunch founding team, Founder & Executive Chairman, Accelerated Digital Ventures
Human Trust Protocol
PledgecampExecutive Chairman at ADV
The Next Generation of Crowdfunding
Silica neXusAdvisor
Crowdfund The Nexus
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