Jared Polites
Jared Polites
Partner at Blockteam Ventures | Marketing Specialist (40+ ICOs) | ICO Advisor | Writer at CryptoCoinsNews | Former FBI Analyst
New York, NY
Professional Networking Protocol
SMARTRealtyPR Advisor
Revolutionizing Real Estate Transactions
A new era of Instant Messaging/Social app
Enterprise Scale Blockchain
Gameflip - FLIPMarketing Advisor
Crypto-token for trading gaming digital goods
CoinLionBlockchain Advisor, Former FBI Analyst
Learn. Build. Grow.
Transferable Credit Card Rewards Point Token
MEvUPR Advisor
A decentralized, peer-to-peer wagering platform
PhotochainStrategy and PR Adviser
Rewriting the Rules for Monetizing Your Images
Powerful Inclusive Full Stack BPaaS
PatronTIME Inc/PR Specialist
Influencer's Sharing Economy from Japan
AlchemyAnti Security Fraud Advisor
Blockchain Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform
Green Energy Token Backed by Billions in Projects
Financial Data Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain
Invisible, Anonymous, Encrypted Chat
CRYSTALSBlockchain Marketing Specialist
Meet Your Model
OPP Open WiFiBlockchain Marketing Specialist
WiFi, Free and Open for Everybody
A Fully Digital Custodial Bank
Tip BlockchainMarketing Advisor
User-Friendly Cryptocurrency
JibbitBlockteam Ventures - former FBI Analyst
Blockchain Safety for a 200m Community
Fan360Partner at Blockteam Ventures, Marketing specialist (40+ ICOs)
One Community All Stars All Fans
Play eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain
WeBuyMarketing Advisor
The First Blockchain–Commerce Platform
iTrueHead of Marketing
Instant Access to Controlled Gains
NavibrationHead of Marketing
Discover the World Like Never Before
Morpheus Labs provides a comprehensive suite of blockchain services that is designed to support businesses in the growth of their businesses. With our team of professionals, we have created a platform of blockchain applications that is designed to enable businesses to overcome their challenges at work
FoxytradeICO Advisor
Loans Based Platform
Crypto Gaming Platform
KsVirtualParticipates in a number of projects
The company develops universal learning algorithms for recognizing and decoding brain signals, which allows to control wireless devices in real time. KsVirtual creates and tests its own mobile headset used to record and analyze brain signals and also creates an expandable database of decoded brain signals and maps suitable for multiple-user access and available to other developers.
LoanexParticipates in a number of projects
Loanex is a P2P lending and investments platform with safety fund, especial verification system and cooperation with world-wide arbitrations.
CryptoGambleParticipates in a number of projects
CRYPTO GAMBLE acts both as a casino and a platform where users will be able to launch their own games. Essentially, you can choose to play against us, other users, or create and host your own casino games. Cryptogamble LTD verifying transactions over blockchain ensures that no single player holds an advantage at any stage of the gambling process.
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