Ismail Malik
Ismail Malik
XYO NetworkAdvisor - Blockchain R&D
Blockchain Just Entered the Real World
CrypticsICO Strategy ADVISOR, BlockchainLab founder, ICO CROWD
AI Crypto Forecast and Trading Platform
CoinJanitorEditor In Chief ICO Crowd
Join The Janitor
Ponder GoldAdvisor
A decentralized Referrals Platform
Iconiq HoldingMedia Advisor
Premier Digital Asset Management Ecosystem
SwissBorgICO Crowd
The new era of crypto wealth management
Crowd for AngelsICO Marketing Advisor
Liquid Crypto Bond
The First Marketing Cloud for Blockchain
AutonioBlockchainLab Founder
Decentralized AI trading system
Bitto ExchangeGeneral Blockchain Advisor
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Hyperconnect the World
Decentralized Intellectual Property Network
LATokenBlockchain R&D and ICO Advisor
Tokenize and trade real assets via crypto
Anonymous cryptocurrency capable of fast speeds
echarge.workBlockchain R&D + ICO Strategist
Each and every hotel, office, and parking lot
Modernizing remittance businesses
Ink Labs FoundationBritain Co-founder
Creative minds deserve INK
FIC NetworkAdvisor
Bonds on Blockchain
OpiriaBlockchain R&D, ICO Strategist BlockchainLab
Personal data marketplace powered by blockchain
WemarkICO advisor, Founder & CEO @Blockchain Lab
Blockchain-based marketplace for digital content
NOBAREditor in Chief of ICO Crowd
One Token, Entire Commerce!
Money. Redone.
Revolutionizing the workforce through blockchain
AI CryptoBlockchain R&D + ICO Strategist
AI Blockchain for Decentralized Economy
CryptfunderMarketing & PR Adviser
Decentralized Funding
Use Your Cryptocurrency In Real Life
The Next Generation of Interoperability and Data
ZichainInternational business development advisor
Decentralized Asset Management
Trade and Communicate With Absolute Freedom
Redefining Token Listing Standards
InsureumBlockchain and media advisor
The New Insurance Ecosystem
Tokenized IoT Economy
The Next-Generation Antivirus
WeBuyBlockchain Advisor
The First Blockchain–Commerce Platform
BandZ NetworkAdvisor
A Secure Global Extranet Powered By Blockchain
Rays NetworkCEO of Blockchain Lab
A New Cryptocurrency and a Blockchain
InflrStrategic Partnerships
The Evolution of Influencer Marketing
IncodiumBlockchain Media
API-Based Smart Contract Solution for Exchange
SyncoCEO of Blockchain
Back to the Essence of Blockchain
ICO MaxCrypto media: ICO Crowd London, United Kingdom
Global Investment and Information Platform
Incentive Social Network Service
Iconiq LabMedia Advisor
Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or Token Sale. We help launch tokens supported by real-world, sustainable business solutions.
Simply Getting the Job Done Powered By Ethereum
Limitless Capital Funds Token
xCryptBoard Advisors
Future Proof
GoldeNuggetICO CROWD
Gold Auction Platform of the future
PAYX Platform Coin Processing Service
TEN TokenBoard Advisor
Transparent Enlightened Network
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