Anders Johnsson
Anders Johnsson
Blockchain Entreprenour

20 years’ experience in building successful IT companies and start-ups. Founder of 247 BlockLabs and Maxamera Pty Ltd both leading providers of mobile applications and blockchain developments of custom made decentralized applications. Co-founder and majority shareholder of Diakrit. An world-wide industry pioneer in creating digital visualization tools for the real estate sector.

BitsmoFounder 247 BlockLabs
Connecting The World Through Blockchain
Your Content, Your Rules, Your Billing
Marketplace for Real Usage of Cryptocurrency
Bit-ParadiseOfficial Advisor
Bit Paradise - Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game
Initial Exchange Offering of iCoin International Tokens
Initial Exchange Offering of iCoin International Tokens
iCoinParticipates in several projects
Mining real diamonds and using the profits to grow the crypto currency market is the best guarantee that a token will hold its value and grow significantly in time. Millennium Mining is the first company to run an initial exchange offering by creating the iCoin International token and use the capital raised to fund its operations and invest in real diamond and mineral mining in Africa. Each diamond than mined will be sold on the open market and the profits will be injected back in the crypto market of iCoin International.This will bring upsides of 200% in year 1 up to 1000% in year 3 and after. It’s safe to say that iCoin is backed by real diamond mining.
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