Deep Learning (AI) driven Stock Graphics Platform

VectorZilla solves multiple issues in existing traditional stocks graphics marketplaces. VectorZilla brings a lot more content, tools, and accessibility (for stock graphics users), higher payouts & transparency for contributors, and a lot of benefit to all subscribers and VZT holders. In nutshell a platform (backed by great technologies like Blockchain and Deep-Learning AI) to help everyone (users, companies, contributors, early subscribers, etc.) in its ecosystem. VectorZilla Token (VZT) is an ERC20 token that can be traded on crypto-currency exchanges; this token will be used in all transactions within VectorZilla platform and marketplace. Some key features of VectorZilla projects are:

About VectorZilla
Short Brief about VectorZilla Initial Coin Offering with a mark of 6.3, and this report was written on 1 September, 2018. Take note that the details you see right now may change.

Initial Coin Offering will be alive at 1 September, 2018
Ico Start date was on 1 October, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 25 August, 2017 with Subject [ANN][ICO] VectorZilla.IOAI & Blockchain Based Graphics PlatformValued $25m+.
Subject started by VectorZilla who now has 20 posts and the status Copper Member on BT website.

Startup END DATE is on 30 November, 2018 so be quick.

Initial Coin Offering has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 69,000 ETH.

Company has 8 experts.

Jason Butcher.
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO
COO & Partner
Chief Strategy Officer
Product Manager
Blockchain Specialist & Full Stack Developer
iOS Developer
Graphic Designer
Associate Illustrator
Frontend Developer
Founder Parallel Payments Ltd, COO
CIO (Dionysus.Studio)
Digital Marketing Consultant
Blockchain Expert
Blockchain Enthusiast, Entrepreneur & Consultant
Chartered Accountant (M.No. - 400416)
CEO, (Dreamlabz Technologies)
Pandey Legal Advisor
JULY 2017
Research and draft of concept
OCT 2017
Whitepaper promotional site, Presale announcement
JAN 2018
Token Presale, Marketing and preparation for Crowdsale
FEB 2018
Token Crowdsale round, Disbursement & Exchange listings
Q2 2018
Private beta launch of VectorZilla Platform
Q3 2018
Public beta launch & marketing campaign
Q4 2018
Launch of platform with graphic design suite
Q1 2019
Launch of blockchain based marketplace for contributors
token info
Token Name VZT
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 100,000,000 VZT
Token Amount For Sale 75,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.2308 USD
Ico Token Supply 75%
investment info
Personal Cap Min 0.10 ETH
Accept Currencies ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, WAVES
Soft Cap 200 ETH
Hard Cap 69,000 ETH
Restricted Areas China, USA, Vietnam, Singapore
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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