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Varanida is a decentralized advertising network made for users who want a better Internet experience, publishers who want to maximize revenues, and advertisers who want guaranteed performance.

About Varanida
Short Brief about Varanida ICO Startup with a score of 5.9, and this conclusion was written on 10 July, 2018.

Take note that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO Startup is alive and has 67 days and 12 hours left.

Startup END DATE is on 15 September, 2018 so be quick.

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 39,700,000 EUR.

Company has 9 experts, some of them:

Ben Arnon (Advisor). He was seen working at Moonlighting (Co-Founder & CEO, Color Farm Media) ICO Startup
Social Media Manager
CEO & Co-Founder
CTO & Co-Founder
COO & Co-Founder
System & Software
Blockchain & Software
Blockchain & Software
Strategy & Business development
Strategy & Finance
Content Manager
Operations Manager
Community Manager
Finance & Compliance
Strategy & Business development
June 2009 Beginning of DOZ.
Back then, Faouzi El Yagoubi and Anji Ismaïl, start iterating on what would become, a software enabled marketplace to deliver more transparent and better marketing campaigns.
July 2017 Varanida was born.
Looking at the opportunity that represents Blockchain based models, Faouzi & Anji imagine how they could improve the advertising industry; and this starts by cleaning the Internet.
January 2018 Team Varanida.
Anji & Faouzi are joined by Thomas Schmider, and a team of talented and experienced people is being assembled.
April/May 2018 Prototype release.
We released to the community a first iteration of the Varanida browser extension with the purpose to clean the web from intrusive ads and scripts.
Q3 2018 Token Generation Event.
1,000,000,000 VAD (Verified Ad) ERC-20 Tokens will be launched on the Ethereum Network.
Q4 2018 Varanida Protocol.
Varanida will release a complete decentralized and open protocol to allow publishers and advertisers to build their own audience engagement applications.
Q2 2019 Varanida Blockchain.
Varanida will move to its own blockchain, releasing its complete solution for web users, advertisers and publishers.
token info
Token Name VAD
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 1,000,000,000 VAD
Token Amount For Sale 530,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.0582 USD
Ico Token Supply 53%
investment info
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH
Soft Cap 8,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap 60,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas USA, North Korea, New Zealand, China, Australia
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width - 270 px
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